In a residential house in Ekaterinburg exploded gas being evacuated people

In a residential house in Ekaterinburg exploded gas being evacuated peopleIn Ekaterinburg Syramolatau, 28, firefighters are evacuating people. As have informed in the press service of the regional emergency, according to preliminary data, the apartment on the ground floor there was a gas explosion and subsequent fire.At the moment, is the evacuation of the occupants of the house. Fire brigades are fighting from burning", - said the head of the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Natalia Zyryanov.Also, immediately on the scene left the investigative team of the police Department в„–2 and MOI of Russia in Yekaterinburg."It is established that the explosion collapsed the panel house, suffered a man hospitalized with burns. The diagnosis to be confirmed. Police continue to work on the site of the explosion, conduct door-to-door crawl, establish the circumstances and persons involved in the incident," - said the press service of the MOI of Russia in Sverdlovsk region.According to witnesses, also hospitalized elderly woman. Official confirmation of this information yet. Read more -->

Shooters sent the Deputy Prosecutor of Slavyansk to dig trenches

Shooters sent the Deputy Prosecutor of Slavyansk to dig trenchesMilitia Slavyansk sent the Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Sergei Mironenko to a penal battalion, digging trenches.As have informed RIA of news in the press service of the Donetsk national Republic, Mironenko were sent to the outskirts of the city, in the village of Semenovka, to a penal battalion."Mironenko tried to call the pathologist and doctors a complete list of our killed and wounded, for transmission to the Donetsk Prosecutor's office. Threatened the doctors. Now digging trenches in Semenovka. And will dig indefinitely - until the end of hostilities," he said, militia commander Slavyansk Igor strelkov press the DND service.Previously Shooters announced the creation in Slavyansk "penal battalions" to dig trenches on the front lines, under fire of the Ukrainian army. . . Read more -->

In the centre of Chelyabinsk faced eight cars

In the centre of Chelyabinsk faced eight carsEight cars collided this afternoon in the centre of Chelyabinsk.As reported in the Department of propaganda of municipal police, it all happened at 11.15 on Kalinin street near the house 15. A man born in 1988, driving a car "KIA-Led" when making overtaking faced with staying ahead of passing VAZ-2115.From hitting the car changed direction and collided with a Toyota, and vases hit five parked cars (Lexus, Opel, Mitsubishi, vases and 21703 "Nissan"). All the accident damage received eight cars. Injuries of the driver of VAZ-2115: with a concussion and knee injury he was sent to outpatient treatment."Driver "KIA" has 1.5 years of driving experience, over the past year, he was twice brought to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules of the Russian Federation, including in September it was made the administrative material for waiver of examination. . . Read more -->

The event "Open Russia" Khodorkovsky in Chelyabinsk ended evacuation

The event Round table on elections, organized by the Foundation of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Open Russia" in Chelyabinsk, ended with a visit by law enforcement agencies. In the midst of conversation in the room burst into a riot, which asked those present to leave the building in connection with the evacuation, correspondent .See also:-->Lecture "Fund Khodorkovsky was held. Trinity called Ural bellantonio to large stocks, and Putin was compared with the crusaders,who lead Russia in the middle AgesAs it became known, was originally the event was planned to take place in the conference hall of Radisson on the street Work. However, according to the activists, they met resistance from the FSB and the Ministry of internal Affairs of the region officers prevented the entrance to the building, and hotel managers "for reasons beyond their control" refused to rent. In addition to the security forces, "Open Russia" in Chelyabinsk met opponents Khodorkovsky (by the way, recently expressed a willingness to "physically or politically" to destroy Russian President Vladimir Putin) with posters."Open Russia" had to quickly retreat to another site in the office of the party "Yabloko". However, they were unsuccessful - unknown pushed the match into the door lock to get into the room failed.In the end, "Open Russia" is set to "round table" in the hotel "South Ural". Read more -->

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