"Rainy here and 12", the players of Zenit St. Petersburg arrived in Yekaterinburg to play with the "Ural""

Players Zenit St. Petersburg have already arrived in Yekaterinburg, where the athletes will match with the "Ural". "Rainy here and 12," said St. Petersburg impression from the Ural capital in its official microblog on Twitter correspondent .Recall, "Zenith", which is the current leader of the championship of Russia, will play with the "Ural" today at the Central stadium. Match 3 round SOGAZ-Russian Championship will take place at 19.30. Match live will broadcast channel "Our Football". Read more -->

The MP district Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district Victor Valeeva mired in "tomato scandal", was deprived of his Deputy mandate

The MP district Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district Victor Valeeva mired in During today's meeting of the district Duma Yugra MP-Communist Victor Valeeva excluded from its membership.The decision was quickly made, without discussions, correspondent . 28 deputies voted "for" exception Valeeva, four against and two abstained.Recall that the member became a member of a scandal with the beating saleswoman vegetable kiosk in Khanty-Mansiysk. The saleswoman Zarema batraeva transmitted in November last year, said the Deputy hit her. The reason for this is not a gentlemanly act became stale tomatoes purchased by the parliamentarian at the point of sale. The court made Valeeva sentence in the article "Beating" (including 1 tbsp. 116 of the criminal code). Read more -->

Due to the Russian sanctions in Greece prices collapsed fruits

Due to the Russian sanctions in Greece prices collapsed fruitsIn Greece stopped the shipment of fresh fruit in Russia, manufacturers in despair - wholesale price is several times lower than the cost after Moscow had imposed an embargo on the export of agricultural products in response to the EU sanctions, writes in Friday's financial Internet publication Voria.While in Moscow, attended by the delegation of producers from outside the European Union, mainly from Chile, Turkey, and Argentina, to discuss with the Russian government to compensate the shortage of fruit from EU. . . . . . Read more -->

The students protest PHFA will be a "Wake-up call" for the Governor of the outsider.

The students protest PHFA will be a Looming in Perm protest of students and faculty of the Perm state pharmaceutical Academy (PLLA), defending the independence of the University, may adversely affect the already poor rating of the Governor Victor Basargin, the correspondent .According to the Director of the Center for political studies University of Finance Paul Salina, at the recent meeting in Moscow Vice-governors on internal politics have been instructed to carry out socially unpopular reforms without mass protests. The case of PLLA at risk of becoming part of the Perm state medical University, just like that. And the protest is going to be massive."I think that some signal for Basargin will follow, though it is not a fact that this will automatically lead to dismissal. Most likely, the Kremlin will observe how the Governor will try this to neutralize the situation. But in principle, the call is unpleasant," said Pavel Salin correspondent .However, the analyst noted that based on the experience of similar protests in our country, the chances Perm students are small."The question [for Governor] is not liquidate the Academy or not, and what the public outcry it would cause. Because, say, the reduction of teachers through the strengthening of universities is the way in which many people go in Moscow and in the regions. Read more -->

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