Sverdlovsk region is included in a number of pilot projects on the development of a comprehensive system "Safe city""

Sverdlovsk region is included in a number of pilot projects on the development of a comprehensive system Sverdlovsk region is included in a number of pilot projects on the development of a comprehensive system "Safe city". On the eve of the Chairman of the regional government of Denis Pasler took part in the work of the government Commission on the development system, which mode videolectures communication was conducted by the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin. According to the press-Secretary of the regional premiere of Elena Voronova."Today's meeting can be called a milestone: for the first time we come to the issue of the security environment every day on the basis of a systemic approach - hardware-software complex "Safe city". It should be noted that the Russian Federation and its subjects are investing serious resources in the creation of various information systems security. They are many of these systems, like mushrooms in the forest, but the whole picture we do not see. The lack of interaction of all these systems, essentially discredits this entire project. Read more -->

VTB will receive 100 billion rubles from the national wealth Fund

VTB will receive 100 billion rubles from the national wealth Fund100 billion rubles from the national welfare Fund will be posted on subordinated deposits Bank VTB. The decision approved by the Russian government, the correspondent ."In order to avoid the increased cost of funds of the NWF and control over their use is a requirement of the Treaty provisions on the allocation of funds at an interest rate equal to the interest rate on the subordinated Deposit, on which are placed the funds of the NWF (inflation plus 1% per annum), and the obligation of the Bank to provide the Ministry of Finance quarterly information about the direction to projects funds raised on a subordinated Deposit", - stated in the decree of the Cabinet.Earlier, VTB asked to allocate 250 billion rubles from the Fund to the recapitalization. . . . . Read more -->

"FMS is transformed into an armed secret service""

The public spoke out strongly against the bills on migration On the social and cultural adaptation and integration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation" and "On immigration control in the Russian Federation", which intends to take the state Duma in the autumn session. According to experts, the adoption of these laws is the Federal migration service will turn from civilian agencies to the police, because now the FMS staff will have the right to bear arms and to conduct searches in the apartments only upon presentation of a certificate, the correspondent ."We are in the situation of metamorphosis, when civil office turns into an armed secret service, it never happened. So you can give permission for weapons and Rosobrnadzor, why not? Will the exam clearer to check the CPS will also arm, they check the quality of the food, and suddenly something is wrong there, the seller can immediately shoot", - commented on the new bills, the President of the Foundation "Migration XXI century" Vyacheslav Postavnin, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday.In fact, according to the draft law, the FMS will actually return in the Ministry of interior, besides the migration service will be engaged in internal migration of citizens of the Russian Federation, explained in turn a member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for civil society development and human rights Evgeny Bobrov."At the same time, as explained by the creators of bills, one of the main evaluation criteria of the official activities of the bodies of migration control is public opinion. In my opinion, this is a blatant populism, because the quality doesn't have public opinion and assessment of social tension in society, reducing intolerance between the local population and migrants, for nothing is done," said beavers.According to the Executive Director of the international non-profit organization "Tong Jahoni" Valentina Chupik, will not lead the bills to the integration of migrants."Hint antidiscrimination legislation in these bills no, on the contrary, the law on social and cultural adaptation and integration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation is discreditation. It contains a number of articles that separate foreign nationals from the Russian restrict migrants in their social rights, not allowing them to learn with others and to get help. If you created a separate instance, you had separated from the others, I know as a refugee," said Chupik, adding that the bill rather about the integration of migrants is aimed at wasting funds of the Federal budget".As for the draft law on migration control, now any employee of the FMS, presenting your papers, will be able to carry out a search in the apartment, said Chupik."Violated the privacy of the home, the FMS staff will have the right to walk into any room. Read more -->

"Space" budget. On the ISS project will spend 321 billion

More details spoken about the implementation of the Federal space program. Thus, according to Deputy Prime Minister for defense and space industry Dmitry Rogozin, on the International space station program for ten years it is planned to allocate more than 300 billion rubles"The project of the Federal space programme for the period 2016-2025 years on the development and operation of the ISS is proposed to allocate 321 billion, including the creation of new modules, automatic spacecraft OKA-T", - said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during the visit to the cosmonaut training Center.According to the Vice Premier, the apparatus is operated in the station and is designed for experiments in high vacuum."Now we think about software projects that relate to the study of deep space, new projects related to manned spaceflight," - said Rogozin.Currently, space experiments on Board the ISS will be conducted in accordance with the current Russian long-term program of scientific and applied research, write "news".Among these experiments applied research physico-chemical processes, materials in the space environment, space biology, biotechnology, technology, space exploration, said Rogozin.Recall, Dmitry Rogozin, has repeatedly stated that the most ambitious plans in the field of manned spaceflight, including a base on the moon and explore Mars.A month ago it was reported that the Agency asks for more than 350 billion rubles to be allocated to create in 2016-2025 years ultramodern national grouping of satellites monitoring the earth's surface, oceans and atmosphere condition. At the same time, there was information stating that the space Agency has requested 214 billion rubles. . . . Read more -->

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