Old Tomenko killed granddaughter because of three thousand rubles

Old Tomenko killed granddaughter because of three thousand rublesThe other day the villager Second Pescanova Ishim district will appear before court for committing two crimes. Citizen without fixed abode killed native grandmother, reported the press service of the SU TFR in the Tyumen region.The tragedy took place on 4 December 2013. Unemployed 32-year-old granddaughter in a state of alcoholic intoxication has came to a close relative. Some time later, between women began to quarrel, and granddaughter beat the hostess. The pensioner was bruised heart and multiple fractures of ribs and some time later died. Granddaughter grabbed Granny's money in the amount of 3 thousand rubles and started to run.Security forces opened in wearing citizen two criminal cases - including 4 tbsp. Read more -->

"Development Corporation" "warmed up" South Ural village

OJSC "Corporation of development" (CR) provided with heat seven of social objects and seven hundred apartments in the village South of Chelyabinsk region.In the village, located in Nagaybaksky district, commissioned a new modular gas boiler with a capacity of 5 MW, reported the press service of "Corporation". Boiler built built in the framework of the project, increasing the efficiency of the Ural region.The investor of construction, a subsidiary CR - LLC "Effective thermal engineering". She last three years is among the companies involved in the modernization of the heat sources on the territory of the southern Urals. Because of her work in the Chelyabinsk region have already appeared 12 modern block-modular boiler-houses. Their total capacity of 14 MW.A new complex of thermal power plants in the village of South replaced the old boiler room. She has already worn out and threatened to leave without heating the bulk of the population. Read more -->

In Moscow KAMAZ rammed two cars: seriously injured four people

In Moscow KAMAZ rammed two cars: seriously injured four peopleAs a result of an accident involving a "KAMAZ" and two cars in the North-West of the capital heavy injured four people, reported the press service of the Moscow traffic police control."The accident happened at 3.15 on Thursday at the intersection of MKAD with Mitinskaya street. KamAZ is faced with two passenger cars "Ford Mondeo", as a result of severe injured four people who were in cars", - said the interlocutor of the Agency. . . . . Read more -->

While searching for the grave of Ermak archaeologists have found a rich burial of ancient Ugrians

While searching for the grave of Ermak archaeologists have found a rich burial of ancient UgriansArchaeological expedition historians of the Urals and Siberia, which was looking for this summer burial Ermak in the Tyumen region, is coming to an end. To find the tomb of the conqueror of Siberia researchers have so far failed, but made a number of other interesting archaeological finds. In particular, discovered the burial of ancient Ugrians X-XI centuries with a rich inventory. Among the items found rare things, correspondent .Recall, as previously reported , the tomb of Ermak historians of Tobolsk, Novosibirsk, Ishim and Omsk are in Vegascom district of the Tyumen region, near the village of Begichevskiy. Looking for the burial of Cossack in this place on the map of the 19th century, compiled by the surveyor Filimonova in 1806. According to the County land surveyor, grave of the Yermak was in this area because it is closer to the place of death of Ermak than Barevskoe cemetery, where, according to legend, was buried Siberian conqueror.Preliminary results of the expedition to the correspondent said the head of the Tobolsk archaeological expedition, candidate of historical Sciences Alexander Adams. Read more -->

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