In may, Victor Valeev risks losing mandate. In his place may claim a few people...

In may, Victor Valeev risks losing mandate. In his place may claim a few people...In April, the deputies of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district were to consider the revocation of a mandate of the leader of the faction CRPF Victor Valeeva, which the court found guilty of beating women. A month ago the deputies postponed consideration of the question, because the court has not yet entered into force, however, to revisit the question of the Duma may in may, the correspondent .Recall that the Deputy was convicted of beating a Chechen saleswoman who sold him the spoiled tomatoes, Valeev was convicted on h 1 tbsp. 116 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation "Beating". In the appeal the MP was denied. In connection with the scandal of deprivation leader Ugra Communists mandate was included in the agenda of the Commission's regulations, issues of parliamentary activities and ethics. Read more -->

The scammer stole Irbit pensioner 300 thousand rubles

The scammer stole Irbit pensioner 300 thousand rublesPolice are investigating the theft of large sums of money. Retired collected abducted her three hundred thousand dozen years.As reported in the press service IMO the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia "Irbit, the victim reported that the robbery took place on June 19. To her home came two women. One of them, according to a pensioner, was about 50 years old, the second is about half.The guest told the lady that I wanted to discuss with her the details of payment of six thousand. Money allegedly does put it more to the Victory Day. The old woman believed came and put them in the apartment.One of the tricksters explained that to get money you need only fill out an application. Read more -->

Leonid Rapoport about the performance of Yulia Lipnitsky: "See that girl with nature is good""

Leonid Rapoport about the performance of Yulia Lipnitsky: The sports Minister of the Sverdlovsk region Leonid Rapoport thanked mom Julia Lipnitsky, struck on the eve of world Olympics in Sochi. He also noted that he had seen the young figure-skater in the workout. "See that girl with nature is good," he said."Confidence has risen a new star. Saw her on the warm-up, when she four times did a series of jumps that her opponents managed to do only once per speech. A low bow to her mother, who put not only their faith, but also went to Moscow for training with my daughter," said Leonid Rapoport.Recall, on the eve of a native of Yekaterinburg 15-year-old Julia Lipnitsky took first place in the short program at the women's team skating tournament. The youngest participant of the tournament perfectly coped with the short program. Read more -->

The fights in the new Russia: a Breakthrough junta in the boiler is an adventure, which was not successful

The fights in the new Russia: a Breakthrough junta in the boiler is an adventure, which was not successfulBoris Rozhin (colonelcassad) about events in the Donbass 9 AugustIn the ongoing battle for Saur-Grave, where the militia was forced to take the top of the mountain, August 9, the focus was operational crisis around Musinski and red Beam.The General sense of crisis was the next grouping is surrounded in the South Boiler, gathered the remaining forces and rushed for a breakthrough - 79-I, the remains of 72nd and regiment special forces retreated strictly to the West, and losing up to half of the machines and about 250 people killed and wounded (all of them are trying to blame it on the fire of the Russian artillery) broke away from the boiler.The remnants of the 24th HOMBRE fought on the North-West. Was collected reinforced armoured group (about 10 tanks and the same number APC/IFV) with infantry armor, which broke through the encirclement and August 8, broke into Minusinsk. All day on August 8, there were heavy fighting, in which the main forces of the enemy were dislodged North of Musinski. At night, the armed group began the March to the Red Beam, which broke on the morning of 9 August. Simultaneously, from Debaltsevo apparently followed the impact of mechanized forces of the enemy, who broke through Fasenko and led offensive on Vakhrushevo.Given the strategic importance of the red Beam, created an operational threat to the main road, which is supplied Donetsk. Available in a small garrison town (the city was considered the rear) had a stubborn resistance in the southern suburbs of the red Beam in the area of the mines. Read more -->

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