In the Middle Urals everything is stable: the incidence of influenza and ARVI not exceed the norm

In the Middle Urals everything is stable: the incidence of influenza and ARVI not exceed the normIn the Sverdlovsk region remains epidemiological welfare of the incidence of SARS and influenza. In the period from 6 to 12 February registered 21.1 thousand diseases. This is below the average annual rate of more than 40%. "The Ministry of health of Sverdlovsk region continues to monitor incidence, organization diagnostics and medical aid to the population", - said the chief epidemiologist of the region Irena Basic.As reported in the Department of information policy of the Governor, currently, the average incidence rate in half or more times exceeded in four municipalities: Polevskoy, Chkalovsky district of Ekaterinburg, the Upper Tagil and city district BUT Free. In addition, compared with the previous year, the increase in the number of cases of SARS and influenza is registered in the Upper Dubrovo, Irbit, Slobodetski municipal district, Tavda, Acidchem urban districts, Polevskoy, Top-Nevinski, Volchansk, Sosva and Novoselska urban districts.As for the capital of the Urals, Ekaterinburg during the same period registered 8,7 thousand cases of SARS and influenza, which is also below the average long-term rate. . Read more -->

In Yekaterinburg, a skirmish: relatives Azerbaijanis quarreled over money

In Yekaterinburg, a skirmish: relatives Azerbaijanis quarreled over moneyToday 13.05 the duty of the police Department в„–10 was reported shooting on a street of Mortar in Yekaterinburg.As have informed in the press service of the MOI of Russia in Ekaterinburg, on the scene immediately went investigative team under the leadership of the head of the territorial Department of police Colonel Andrei Kazantsev.Police detained a suspected arrow, and two victims medics ambulance arrived at the hospital, one of the victims was shot in the back area.The gun crime gun "saiga" - the police seized and sent for analysis.In the course of investigative activities, the police found that all three of them are relatives, came to Ekaterinburg from Azerbaijan to work. The suspect born in 1977 and his brothers 1975 and 1985 birth, according to preliminary data, being near the shopping center "Hanoi", quarreled because of financial issues.Currently, the operatives of the criminal investigation interviewed the suspect and the victims, and establish the causes and circumstances of the incident. . . . . Read more -->

Column with homemost for Donetsk and Lugansk arrived in Voronezh region

Column with homemost for Donetsk and Lugansk arrived in Voronezh regionMotorcade of EMERCOM of Russia, consisting of one hundred trucks loaded with humanitarian aid for inhabitants of Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine, arrived in Voronezh region for holiday drivers."After the rest of the drivers, refueling and checking the technical condition of the machines, the convoy will continue in Rostov region", - said Deputy head of the National center for crisis management of the Ministry Oleg Voronov.According to him, during the movement of the column is no accident occurred, drivers feel normal, according to RIA Novosti. . . . . . Read more -->

"Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz" introduces an innovative technology of sludge disposal

On vyngapurovski field "Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz" commissioned innovative installation of thermal degradation of the oil sludge to handle it without a remainder.The act of setting, which is the domestic development based on modern technologies of dry pyrolysis of solid, liquid and pasty waste. Under the influence of high temperature without oxygen sludge is decomposed into components: oil, water and mechanical impurities (clay, sand, metal oxides). Allocated during processing of the slurry oil is completely suitable for handing in the training and subsequent transport to implement. Get water, even without additional purification, can be used for communal needs. The extracted solids are purified soil, which can be used as a building material in the construction of roads or dumping grounds pads. When this gas is released in the course of disposing of oily sludge is used as fuel for the processing plant, thereby ensuring its full energy autonomy. Read more -->

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