In the centre of Chelyabinsk faced eight cars

In the centre of Chelyabinsk faced eight carsEight cars collided this afternoon in the centre of Chelyabinsk.As reported in the Department of propaganda of municipal police, it all happened at 11.15 on Kalinin street near the house 15. A man born in 1988, driving a car "KIA-Led" when making overtaking faced with staying ahead of passing VAZ-2115.From hitting the car changed direction and collided with a Toyota, and vases hit five parked cars (Lexus, Opel, Mitsubishi, vases and 21703 "Nissan"). All the accident damage received eight cars. Injuries of the driver of VAZ-2115: with a concussion and knee injury he was sent to outpatient treatment."Driver "KIA" has 1.5 years of driving experience, over the past year, he was twice brought to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules of the Russian Federation, including in September it was made the administrative material for waiver of examination. . . Read more -->

The event "Open Russia" Khodorkovsky in Chelyabinsk ended evacuation

The event Round table on elections, organized by the Foundation of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Open Russia" in Chelyabinsk, ended with a visit by law enforcement agencies. In the midst of conversation in the room burst into a riot, which asked those present to leave the building in connection with the evacuation, correspondent .See also:-->Lecture "Fund Khodorkovsky was held. Trinity called Ural bellantonio to large stocks, and Putin was compared with the crusaders,who lead Russia in the middle AgesAs it became known, was originally the event was planned to take place in the conference hall of Radisson on the street Work. However, according to the activists, they met resistance from the FSB and the Ministry of internal Affairs of the region officers prevented the entrance to the building, and hotel managers "for reasons beyond their control" refused to rent. In addition to the security forces, "Open Russia" in Chelyabinsk met opponents Khodorkovsky (by the way, recently expressed a willingness to "physically or politically" to destroy Russian President Vladimir Putin) with posters."Open Russia" had to quickly retreat to another site in the office of the party "Yabloko". However, they were unsuccessful - unknown pushed the match into the door lock to get into the room failed.In the end, "Open Russia" is set to "round table" in the hotel "South Ural". Read more -->

The delegation from Russia has not arrived at the autumn session of the PACE

The delegation from Russia has not arrived at the autumn session of the PACEIn Strasbourg opens PACE autumn session. The main topics of debate will be a crisis on Ukraine and the fight against neo-Nazism in Europe.The Russian delegation, due to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia deprived of voting rights and are excluded from the governing bodies of the PACE before the end of this year, at the current session, as the previous one, has not arrived.However, the state Duma Deputy Olga Kazakova, which was co-Rapporteur on the problem of neo-Nazism, as expected, still take part in the discussion, according to ITAR-TASS.According to the Russian Parliament, the topic of her presentation will be mainly related to the fact that "now happening in Ukraine". "Even the Western media has already confirmed that Ukraine sound nationalist slogans, displays the images of the swastika," stated Olga Kazakova. She added that for her initiative in the main text of the report is amended, condemning the "resuscitation" of neo-Nazi organizations "Galicia" and "Waffen SS", which are branches of the SS. "Waffen SS" and "Galicia" does not have the right to life in the modern world and should be rejected by society," he said, not eliminating sharp debate during the session.Kazakov noticed that in the rest of the issues on the agenda of the October session, it to take part will not be in effect acting against the Russian delegation sanctions PACE. . Read more -->

Debt 284 million rubles, "the Sverdlovsk suburban company" TRANS-Ural power will pay for 10 years

Debt 284 million rubles, The government of the Kurgan region approved the text of the agreement that will be signed between the regional authorities and the Sverdlovsk suburban company". The document provides for the settlement of arrears of compensation of losses in income resulting from the carriage of passengers commuter trains between 2011 and 2013. For three years Kurgan region has the duty to railroad 284 million rubles to enter into the agreement a month ago demanded the President's Plenipotentiary representative in the Urals Federal district Igor Kholmanskikh, correspondent .See also:-->"Effective managers" Yakunin threaten to cancel commuter transportationRecall that on October 28, Kholmanskikh held in Barrow meeting with the heads of the regions of the Urals Federal district, in which he noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich gave the order to break-even freight Railways. This plan was developed to prevent in 2014-2015 losses of the company, which provides for the adoption of measures for the settlement of debts to the suburban companies for previous periods by concluding long-term agreements for a period of 10 years. So, Kurgan region should the railway workers compensation revenues for commuter transportation in the amount of 284 million rubles Governor of TRANS-Alexey Kokorin the meeting noted that this debt region recognizes and intends to pay. Also Kokorin added that in the near future will sign the necessary agreement.Today, November 24, the text of the agreement with "Sverdlovsk suburban company" was approved. Read more -->

Kokorin inspected the site chosen for the construction of a logistics centre on the border of the TRANS-Urals and Kazakhstan

Kokorin inspected the site chosen for the construction of a logistics centre on the border of the TRANS-Urals and KazakhstanActing Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin during his working trip in Petuhovo district June 5, visited the customs checkpoint on the border of the TRANS-Urals and Kazakhstan. Recall that here acting head of the region suggests placing the logistics centre. Now the government is looking for investors and partners of the project. So, some interest has already been expressed by Chinese investors.As reported in the press service of the Governor of the Kurgan region, according to Alexei Kokorin, logistics center, located in Petuhovo the district will provide additional incentives for the development of the municipality."Naturally, you need a logistics centre that after passing customs procedures could goods from warehouses to distribute in different directions. Through Kazakhstan and Petuhovo customs point goes a short way from China to Moscow. Now we are positioning our point of view that the direction of traffic flow must be through the Kurgan region. Read more -->

Summary of "truce": In the occupied territories is "filtering" of the population, on the border with Crimea install ADMS

Summary of 5 November, the situation on the fronts even more tense. Intelligence reports of the army of the new Russia, the Ukrainian command prepares provocation in N. p. Karlovka (under the control of the Ukrainian security forces against the civilian population under the guise of militia DND in order to discredit the army of Novorossia and get the occasion to launch an offensive operation. On Wednesday 5 November in Donetsk again killed the children.Military events in DNDThe night of 4 to 5 November in Donetsk was hard. In the morning 05 November resumed active fighting for Donetsk airport with the use of both small arms and heavy artillery.In the first half of the day in Donetsk sounds were heard artillery salvos and explosions. Read more -->

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