Residents of Miass made for the return of the election of deputies in single-mandate constituencies

Residents of Miass made for the return of the election of deputies in single-mandate constituenciesResidents of Miass initiated the return of the election of deputies in single-mandate constituencies. Now the city implemented this system of formation of deputies, when half of the Parliament elected in single-mandate constituencies, and the second part is on the party lists.The members of the initiative group believe that the system of elections of deputies in single-mandate constituencies fully reflects the interests of the residents."It will be useful for training deputies to a decision not in a hurry, and in consultation with residents and taking into account their wishes," said the member of the Public Council of Miass Konstantin Nedopekin.He added that before the end of the week documents the initiative group will be passed to the head of the Miass Igor Wojnowo. After that, the city authorities are given a month to register a group and start collecting signatures. According to the Charter of Miass need to collect 0.1% of the number of voters, that is, about 1.5 thousand signatures. It is given 20 days. . Read more -->

An official in the administration of Tyumen punished for procrastination when considering appeals businessmen

An official in the administration of Tyumen punished for procrastination when considering appeals businessmenHead of the Department of rent relations of the administration of Tyumen fined for slow progress in the investigation of entrepreneurs. This was reported in the press service of the regional Prosecutor's office.During the inspection the Supervisory authority has revealed serious violation of the terms when considering appeals of business entities on the provision of municipal property to rent."According to the administrative regulations approved by the administration of Tyumen, the term for the provision of municipal services municipal property to rent may not exceed 43 days from the date of registration of the appeal. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor's office found that the statement of one of the commercial firms on lease for five years municipal non-residential premises with the area of 193 square meters for operation of the housing stock was considered to 90 days, and the appeal of the entrepreneur on a one-year lease of the premises with an area of only 31 square meters was considered 98 days", - said the Agency.The city Prosecutor's office initiated against the head of the Department of leasing relations of the Department of property relations of the administration of Tyumen administrative proceedings on h 1 tbsp. 3.24 Code of the Tyumen region on administrative liability (provision of municipal services in violation of the term).Before the world court on the results of consideration of cases subjected the clerk fines for a total amount of 10 thousand. . . Read more -->

"The March of independence" in Warsaw resulted in a clash with police

In Warsaw detained about 160 offenders, faced with police during an organized nationalist movements of the "March of independence", one policeman was injured.It is reported that a group of provocateurs waited for the column of demonstrators at the National stadium, where the completion of the action, timed to celebrate the country's independence Day, reports TASS. Violent young people with closed faces pelted police firecrackers, smoke bombs, stones and Molotov cocktails.According to the press Secretary of the chief commandant of police Mariusz Sokolowski, hooligans "is already isolated from the marchers cordon". He added that the guards had to use tear gas and rubber bullets. However, local clashes with police continue. In the March of independence" attended by several tens of thousands of people. Organizers say that on the streets 100 thousand people. Read more -->

MPs threaten resignation of Jacob in the case of another rise in the cost of public transport

MPs threaten resignation of Jacob in the case of another rise in the cost of public transportThe administration of Yekaterinburg again raised the question about the value of public transportation in Yekaterinburg, according to officials, the cost of the trip is 45-50 RUB the Mayor's office issued an ultimatum subsidies, otherwise the rates will be increased. Quite a fierce debate deputies and officials of the municipality over the fact that the MPs are going to start their own inspection of the municipal enterprises involved in the transport of passengers. The great interest of deputies was caused, first of all, the extremely low numbers of return MYPOW when placing on their premises advertising. If the tariff will be increased, city Manager Alexander Jacob threaten resignation, meanwhile, the regional deputies are preparing a request to the Prosecutor's office to check the validity of the previous raising the fare from 18 to 23 rubles, when officials decided their problems at the expense of the citizens" and still managed to accumulate debts.See also:-->The city of Ekaterinburg shocked townspeople are preparing to increase fares to 45-50 rubles (!)The head of the faction "Fair Russia" in the regional Parliament Dmitry Jonas, has long been engaged in the transport issue, in an interview with defeated the arguments of the city administration: City officials believe that the "region" must pay "the city" for beneficiaries. And while she does not pay, then piling up debts. Then it begs the question. Read more -->

In a residential house in Ekaterinburg exploded gas being evacuated people

In a residential house in Ekaterinburg exploded gas being evacuated peopleIn Ekaterinburg Syramolatau, 28, firefighters are evacuating people. As have informed in the press service of the regional emergency, according to preliminary data, the apartment on the ground floor there was a gas explosion and subsequent fire.At the moment, is the evacuation of the occupants of the house. Fire brigades are fighting from burning", - said the head of the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Natalia Zyryanov.Also, immediately on the scene left the investigative team of the police Department в„–2 and MOI of Russia in Yekaterinburg."It is established that the explosion collapsed the panel house, suffered a man hospitalized with burns. The diagnosis to be confirmed. Police continue to work on the site of the explosion, conduct door-to-door crawl, establish the circumstances and persons involved in the incident," - said the press service of the MOI of Russia in Sverdlovsk region.According to witnesses, also hospitalized elderly woman. Official confirmation of this information yet. Read more -->

Shooters sent the Deputy Prosecutor of Slavyansk to dig trenches

Shooters sent the Deputy Prosecutor of Slavyansk to dig trenchesMilitia Slavyansk sent the Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Sergei Mironenko to a penal battalion, digging trenches.As have informed RIA of news in the press service of the Donetsk national Republic, Mironenko were sent to the outskirts of the city, in the village of Semenovka, to a penal battalion."Mironenko tried to call the pathologist and doctors a complete list of our killed and wounded, for transmission to the Donetsk Prosecutor's office. Threatened the doctors. Now digging trenches in Semenovka. And will dig indefinitely - until the end of hostilities," he said, militia commander Slavyansk Igor strelkov press the DND service.Previously Shooters announced the creation in Slavyansk "penal battalions" to dig trenches on the front lines, under fire of the Ukrainian army. . . Read more -->

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