Media: Obama is negotiating with Saudi Arabia about the collapse of the oil market in Russia

Media: Obama is negotiating with Saudi Arabia about the collapse of the oil market in RussiaU.S. President Barack Obama paid an official visit to Saudi Arabia. In the media there was information that he wants to agree to Saudi Arabia increased its oil supplies to the world market, thus throwing the economy of the Russian Federation. On such assumptions, writes the Guardian.It is noted that Europe is heavily dependent on Russian oil and gas exports. Therefore, immediately abandon it. As the output, and consider increasing the supply of oil and gas from Saudi Arabia.Russia vulnerable to sanctions, the article reads, writes Read more -->

Novourengoi, which "took" 281 thousand rubles from the interior communications, caught in similar robberies in the Rostov region

Novourengoi, which on October 27 last year, the police Novy Urengoy asked a girl born in 1989. She worked as a salesman in mobile communication and reported that someone went to the salon and threatening violence, stole from the safe 281 thousand rublesThe girl immediately called the staff of chop, but to detain the man then failed, told in the press service of the regional police. In December 2014, the law enforcement officers received information from Rostov colleagues: they arrested novourengoisk born in 1984, made a number of similar robberies. He is currently in custody in the detention center of the Rostov region.Police established: Novy Urengoy robbery - his handiwork. December 15, by mail to the police entered his whole-hearted confession. It turned out that the money the man had spent on themselves. Read more -->

To export LNG has allowed companies "Rosneft", "Yamal LNG, Gazprom and Gazprom export""

To export LNG has allowed companies Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree granting the exclusive right to export liquefied natural gas companies "Rosneft", "Yamal LNG, Gazprom and Gazprom export"."Government by law must approve the list of organizations to which such exclusive right is granted for the export of liquefied natural gas. I such resolution signed. . . . . Read more -->

Yugra is ready for the heating season 100%

Yugra is ready for the heating season 100%Yugra is ready for the heating season 100%. This data was announced by the Deputy Governor of Ugra Dmitry Shapoval during a meeting on the issue of summarizing the beginning of the autumn-winter heating season 2014-2015 in the Urals Federal district. The meeting was held in the video conference chaired by the Deputy Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Urals Federal district Alexander Moiseyev, reported the press service of the Governor of Ugra.As reported by the Deputy head of the region, for the heating season ready 100% boilers, Central heating units, heating and water supply networks, housing. Technological failures on objects of housing and communal complex is not fixed.According to the Deputy Governor of Ugra, the supply of heat to the social facilities began on 1 September. September 10, heat was applied and in residential homes. In addition, to be completed early delivery of boiler and furnace fuel in the municipality of the Autonomous Okrug in the season of 2014 In the municipality introduced almost 26 thousand tons of coal and more than 10.5 thousand tons of diesel fuel. Read more -->

Boris RozhinThe fights in the new Russia: the Militias do not lose hope to form a Volnovakha pot, while the junta is trying to save, who can

Boris RozhinThe fights in the new Russia: the Militias do not lose hope to form a Volnovakha pot, while the junta is trying to save, who canBoris Rozhin (colonelcassad) on the situation in the Donbass in the evening on August 28Briefly about the situation on the front. LNR: After a lull there began the offensive, but it develops slowly, as the defense of the opponent is very strong.Airport, Lutugino confidently controlled by the junta, so any improvements near the city of Lugansk too early to say.The encirclement of the enemy in the area of Happiness is not yet possible to implement, as the enemy of his activity under the Village of the Luhansk constantly thwart the plans of the militia.Track Krasnodon - Lugansk militia in the General controls, but in some places the junta still can sporadically firing. There is still too much work.DND: While storm Mariupol no and possibly with him in a hurry will not. DRG militias walked Mariupol, where the junta has pulled all that you can, and get in fights on the road Mariupol, Berdyansk and on the territory of Zaporizhzhya oblast, which Kolomoisky now stands on itself. Here militias operate in the actual operational emptiness, so only the lack of forces and mechanical connections do not make this promotion even more rapid. Here Novorossia still have a few days, during which they will build on the success achieved. Read more -->

A number of state-owned companies can migrate to the far East

A number of state-owned companies can migrate to the far EastPrime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government to develop a plan for migration to the far East, a number of state-owned companies on the Ministry's proposals concerning the increase in the tax base, the correspondent .This statement was made during a meeting chaired by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers."We are talking about moving their head offices, the relocation of personnel and in the case of state - owned companies on the transfer of the taxable base in the far East," said the envoy in the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev. According to him, now talking about how to enter these territories tax on profit at the rate of 10% and income tax at the rate of 7%. . . . . Read more -->

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