Putin laid flowers at the tomb of the Unknown soldier near the Kremlin wall

Putin laid flowers at the tomb of the Unknown soldier near the Kremlin wallRussian President Vladimir Putin laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown soldier, reported the press service of the Kremlin In the ceremony of laying devoted to the 73rd anniversary of the great Patriotic war, was also attended by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin, head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the heads of other ministries and departments, veterans, military leaders and members of the public.The participants of the ceremony honored the memory of those who died in the great Patriotic war with a minute of silence.Hymn Of The Russian Federation. The ceremony ended with a solemn passage of the troops of the Moscow garrison. . . . . Read more -->

Income Khanty-Mansiysk in 2015 will be 11% more than in 2014

Income Khanty-Mansiysk in 2015 will be 11% more than in 2014Today was the last in this year's session of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk. Deputies approved a comprehensive program of socio-economic development until 2020 and adopted the budget for 2015 and for the planned period 2016-2017.According to the document, the revenues of the city in 2015 will amount to almost 6 billion 600 million rubles, which is 11% more than in 2014, told the press Secretary of the head of Khanty-Mansiysk Erica Gailis. Costs a little more than 6 billion 800 million rubles Shortage of 250 million rubles"On the draft budget worked a lot, starting from September this year, commented on the decision of the deputies of the mayor, the Chairman of the Duma Vasily Filipenko (see photo). - All social guarantees provided in full. The development budget also present: provides repair, design and construction of new roads, utilities, purchase of housing".Next year, 98% of the budget of the Khanty-Mansiysk will be used to Finance 26 municipal programs."All expenses made not only to the development of money as it was previously, and on the achievement of targets, said acting Director of the Department of Finance of the city administration Irina Snisarenko. - Our main task: to ensure the efficient investment of the city budget.As noted by the head of the city, much work has been done on the budget. Read more -->

Voitovich promised to "mask show" the administration of Chelyabinsk, if the officials will prevent the legitimacy of land allocation

Voitovich promised to The regional Prosecutor's office has a large-scale verification of the legality of land allocation by the administration of Chelyabinsk, which began after the signal received in the name of the head of the regional Federal security service about a month ago. According to the information of the regional Prosecutor Alexander Voytovych, in the Department of architecture and urban planning Chelyabinsk tried to hide the documents, which had to organize support FSB."I warned the administration that if they interfere with the test, it will force the seizure of equipment and documents, what happened" he told today at the press conference.As the correspondent , the Prosecutor said that after the test, the former city Manager of Chelyabinsk Sergei Davydov repealed the regulations "on the ground"."Order of 18 cases were sent to court for cancellation of decisions on land allocation. In arbitration prepare an application for the reversal of the decision of the city administration," said Voitovich.According to him, we are talking about such areas as the land near the arena "Tractor" (3 million rubles), managed to return about 2 hectares in city property. In addition, one of the sites, the evaluation team has identified the cost of 120 million rubles, and he sold over 22 million rubles On some lands, said Voytovich, already hammered the pegs under construction, but until major construction there. The Prosecutor's office intends to return approximately 42 ha of land was sold."There is an understanding on the part Kotova (acting head of the administration of Chelyabinsk Natalia Kotova - approx. ). Read more -->

Police Alapaevsk on the "hot" traces revealed the theft

Police Alapaevsk on the In MO the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia "Alapaevsk" yesterday asked a representative of a limited liability company with a statement that someone had entered the shop, located on the territory of LLC on Pushkin street, where kidnapped electric tool, causing damage amounting to more than 25 thousand rubles.As have informed in the press service of the MIA of Russia in Sverdlovsk region, the scene left the investigative team. In the course of verification activities, the police found that the crime was committed during the weekend, when the company was not working. The attacker entered the premises electrical and mechanical workshops by placing the glass in the window and crack the front door. When the examination of the scene, the police drew attention to the fact that the villain is well focused on the ground: he knew how to penetrate the territory of the enterprise, bypassing security, where are the safes and stores the keys from them. In connection with the circumstances under suspicion of committing crimes were primarily employees of the company. In the survey of current personnel, police found that just a week ago was fired electric. Read more -->

Viktor Bout can re-ask the U.S. government for extradition to the Russian Federation

Viktor Bout can re-ask the U.S. government for extradition to the Russian FederationRussian Viktor Bout, who is serving a long prison sentence in the U.S. for "conspiracy of intent" to sell weapons to Colombian group FARC, has not yet asked the U.S. government to transfer its Russian justice."With the repeated request for the transfer to Russia to serve his sentence Century A. Booth in the Ministry of justice did not address, and therefore to the competent authorities in the U.S. a new query against the specified person had not been sent," said RIA Novosti news Agency.At the end of 2012 Viktor Bout had asked U.S. Read more -->

The Deputy head of Magnitogorsk for Finance has resigned

The Deputy head of Magnitogorsk for Finance has resignedDeputy head of Magnitogorsk on Finance and Economics Vladimir Ushakov today resigned at his own request. The official has served in administration for eight years, he was often replaced the head Evgeny Teftelev in his absence.As reported in the administration of Magnitogorsk, to perform the duties of the Deputy mayor for Finance and the economy will Galina Kalinina, who previously headed the Economics Department of the city administration. . . . . Read more -->

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