"Ermak" came to Ekaterinburg with "Real Tagil""

Special Nizhny Tagil project channel "Ermak" begins regular broadcasting in the regional center. Partner Real Tagil" became a channel SHOUT-TV.Last year on "the Scream" was the only news program "Day" is the news of the Ural district, which was broadcast in Yekaterinburg in the program "Regional television and cable "Scream TV.Now the "Real Tagil" will be broadcast in Yekaterinburg, correspondent .This means that the potential audience of the TV channel "Real Tagil, which has become a phenomenon on TV-glade Nizhny Tagil, will grow."SCREAM TV is included in the packet cable operators: MTS, CJSC Teleset-Service", CJSC "Ural-TransTeleCom", "INSIS", "TM planet", JSC "Digital TV" (outdoor digital ether - 11 button), JSC "Rostelecom" ("Account", "Your TV", "stream TV", "K-Telecom", "AKADO".The "Shout "Real Tagil" will be released at 21:00 repeat in the morning at 8:00.The authors of "Real Tagil" believe in Yekaterinburg great "Tagil Diaspora" - the people who are still interested in everything what lives hometown. Therefore, there is a sense of release in Yekaterinburg, albeit on the cable channel.In the "Real Tagil" the authors promise something new - the ability for any Tagiloni become the author of the plot, similar to used to "LifeNews". You can make a video about city events on a mobile phone and if the story will appeal to edition, it will be aired. As sponsors of the "Real Tagil" promises another and monetary compensation is the addition of mobile phone 300 rubles. . Read more -->

In passports of citizens of the Russian Federation will submit electronic fingerprints

In passports of citizens of the Russian Federation will submit electronic fingerprintsThe RF government approved the inclusion of information on papillary patterns of two fingers in the list of personal data on electronic media in the passports. The corresponding decree published on the government website.Write on e-chip passports information about the fingerprints will begin in Russia from 1 January 2015, and in diplomatic representations and consular institutions of the Russian Federation abroad - as equipping them with relevant software and hardware, but not later than January 1, 2016. . . . . Read more -->

Sberbank has not received permission to audit the Sabetta

Sberbank has not received permission to audit the SabettaSberbank is still not initiated technological and price audit of the project of construction of the sea port of Sabetta in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, told "Kommersant" several sources on the market. According to one of them, the timing delayed due to contradictions in the legislation: the Ministry of construction not included Sberbank in the list of organizations eligible to conduct audit of major investment projects with state participation.Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on appointment of Sberbank as the sole contractor of due diligence, construction monitoring and banking support of Sabetta on June 13. In late September, the government approved the regulation on Bank support contracts, under which contract the performance of these obligations should be "with a supplier, contractor, contractor and subcontractors". But with Sberbank contract is not signed, this was confirmed in the savings Bank, noting that the Bank prepared a draft contract for the provision of complex services project Sabetta.The Ministry of construction said that they had not received requests for the inclusion of Sberbank in the list of companies permitted to audit such projects.The problem with the audit threatens the timing of the project: to Sberbank could do the work, you need to make adjustments in the legislation. Earlier, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said that the audit can be avoided, since because of him putting the object can be shifted by the year. The products of the "Yamal LNG" already contracted that threatens fines of up to $400 million per month. Read more -->

In the Novosibirsk region was rescued by fishermen on a drifting ice floe in the local reservoir

In the Novosibirsk region was rescued by fishermen on a drifting ice floe in the local reservoirThe staff of the Ministry of the Novosibirsk region has saved 38 fishermen with broken ice. As reported in the press service of the emergencies Ministry of the Novosibirsk region, a large group of fishermen, despite repeated warnings about the dangers of output on thin ice, ignoring safety measures, went fishing at the Novosibirsk reservoir. In the small block of ice, which had people, unable to bear a greater load, gave the slip and got away from the shore, over its bore deep into the reservoir.Rescue workers and inspectors GIMS, arrived on the scene, had using the hovercraft flight for the flight to take 38 fishermen from ice floe area of 20 square kilometers, which is split into several parts."Now their lives are not in danger. Large-scale rescue operation completed within the shortest period of time - literally for hours was examined all the ice and evacuated all fishermen. In the liquidation of the accident involved the rescue workers and inspectors GIMS, Berdsk search and rescue unit. The place was deployed operational group of the Department involved professionals, police and Ambulance. Read more -->

Christmas ice town will cost the budget of Perm 28 million rubles

Christmas ice town will cost the budget of Perm 28 million rublesPerm "Agency of social and cultural projects" announced tender for construction of new year's campus in the capital city of Perm. For the construction of Letter-hail the administration is prepared to allocate 25 million rubles, another 2 million rubles will be spent on icicles to eat, correspondent .Ice town Letter-grad dedicated to the book and book culture, as the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin 2015 in Russia declared the Year of literature, as stated in the technical specifications. The contract value for 25.9 million rubles, the amount includes the device, maintenance and dismantling of the ice town after the holidays.It is planned to build several hills of ice: "Ice house", "loudly", "Sevastopol stories", "Andromeda", "Circus", "Silver Meridian and complex slides "encyclopedia", the highest rays - 3 m In the project materials contain the input group Letter-grad - "Alice in Wonderland": the three arches, two staircases and an observation deck. In the center of the observation deck is ice design, depicting king canopy.The side arches are in the Bay Windows, and balconies Bay Windows adorn masks, masks depicting the Cheshire cat and the March hare - the fairy tale characters. Above the Central arch is the cartouche, in which is inscribed the name of the ice town - Letter-grad, is described in the TOR.Also in the project: ice maze, trap 20 000 leagues under the sea" and small architectural forms ice in the form of letters of the Russian alphabet. The winner will be engaged in the electrification of the town and its restoration in case of damage.A second contract for 2 million rubles will be concluded for the decoration of Christmas trees on the Esplanade. Read more -->

In Yekaterinburg returns snowfall. By the end of the week freeze

In Yekaterinburg returns snowfall. By the end of the week freezeCame unexpectedly warming in the Sverdlovsk region, gradually fading away. By the end of the week is to get cold.As told in the press service meteorologist, tomorrow the day will be relatively warm. The day temperature can warm up to plus 2-3 degrees. Then colder to minus 6-11 at night, and minus 4-9 degrees during the day. . Read more -->

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