Due to the Russian sanctions in Greece prices collapsed fruits

Due to the Russian sanctions in Greece prices collapsed fruitsIn Greece stopped the shipment of fresh fruit in Russia, manufacturers in despair - wholesale price is several times lower than the cost after Moscow had imposed an embargo on the export of agricultural products in response to the EU sanctions, writes in Friday's financial Internet publication Voria.While in Moscow, attended by the delegation of producers from outside the European Union, mainly from Chile, Turkey, and Argentina, to discuss with the Russian government to compensate the shortage of fruit from EU. . . . . . Read more -->

The students protest PHFA will be a "Wake-up call" for the Governor of the outsider.

The students protest PHFA will be a Looming in Perm protest of students and faculty of the Perm state pharmaceutical Academy (PLLA), defending the independence of the University, may adversely affect the already poor rating of the Governor Victor Basargin, the correspondent .According to the Director of the Center for political studies University of Finance Paul Salina, at the recent meeting in Moscow Vice-governors on internal politics have been instructed to carry out socially unpopular reforms without mass protests. The case of PLLA at risk of becoming part of the Perm state medical University, just like that. And the protest is going to be massive."I think that some signal for Basargin will follow, though it is not a fact that this will automatically lead to dismissal. Most likely, the Kremlin will observe how the Governor will try this to neutralize the situation. But in principle, the call is unpleasant," said Pavel Salin correspondent .However, the analyst noted that based on the experience of similar protests in our country, the chances Perm students are small."The question [for Governor] is not liquidate the Academy or not, and what the public outcry it would cause. Because, say, the reduction of teachers through the strengthening of universities is the way in which many people go in Moscow and in the regions. Read more -->

In the Urals the hunter instead of the deer killed his friend

In the Urals the hunter instead of the deer killed his friendIn the Kurgan region investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of death of men while hunting. It all happened in Vargashinsky area.As told in the press service of the regional Department of the RF IC, while hunting on December 25, near the village of Oshurkova was mortally wounded 29-year-old local resident. The man was wounded in the stomach and when brought to the hospital died."Day 25 December, six men came to the area for hunting deer. While hunting one of them has shot the deer, causing negligently caused the fatal wound to his friend", - told the Agency.Now investigators establish all the circumstances of the incident.Recall, as previously reported , the previous fatal accident on the hunt occurred in the Urals on September 28. In that day a German citizen accidentally shot the head of the Fund for the protection of game animals "Falcon" Sergei Goryaeva. The court has appointed the German penalty of a fine of 300 thousand. Read more -->

In Chelyabinsk has declared the flu quarantine

In Chelyabinsk has declared the flu quarantineIn medical institutions, institutions of social protection of the population and educational institutions of Chelyabinsk declared the flu quarantine. As the correspondent , the decree was signed by the chief sanitary doctor of the Chelyabinsk region, Anatoly Semenov.Quarantine measures are enforced on March 4, and to special order. This was done due to the high incidence of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections in Chelyabinsk, a further tendency to increase the incidence of, and to prevent the introduction and spread of SARS and influenza in health care, social welfare and educational institutions. In the resolution, in particular, says that when the Desk is heavy, complicated cases of influenza, group ARVI and influenza (five or more people), as well as deaths of patients with influenza should inform the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Chelyabinsk region immediately.Also, from 4 March to special order it is recommended to cancel the mass cultural and sports events in General indoor. . . Read more -->

The father of three children from Magnitogorsk, killed his wife, was sentenced to 9 years

The father of three children from Magnitogorsk, killed his wife, was sentenced to 9 yearsResident of Magnitogorsk sentenced to nine years in prison for the murder of wife, from whom he had three children.As reported in Agapovka the district court, in early March 2011 on roadside Magnitogorsk-Yuzhnouralsk man had a quarrel with his wife on the ground of her jealousy. He had beaten her, and then strangled. Note that the woman some time was considered missing. Later her body was found, but the husband to the police about the disappearance was not stated.The trial lasted more than one year were interviewed dozens of witnesses, for re-forensic medical examination was scheduled and carried out the exhumation of the corpse of the victim.Man in court did not admit guilt, saying that is a family man and father of three young children, and during the preliminary investigation, they were given a confession and decorated Protocol of surrender under the influence of physical force by police agencies.The court sentence the murderer assigned to nine years of imprisonment with serving the sentence in a correctional colony of strict regime. Also recovered material damages in favor of the mother of the deceased 110 thousand rubles and moral damage for 1 million rubles in favor of each child and the mother of the deceased (a total of 4 million rubles. . Read more -->

Administration of Nefteyugansk will purchase additional boilers for municipal boilers

Administration of Nefteyugansk will purchase additional boilers for municipal boilersIn Nefteyugansk at the request of prosecutors, the administration is obliged to purchase a backup power supply for the boiler. The Prosecutor's office during the inspection revealed a discrepancy between the capacity of the backup power sources are nominally required power to ensure the city is warm, have informed in the press service of the Prosecutor of Yugra.In case of emergency or an emergency situation this could jeopardize the life and health of citizens. The Prosecutor asked the court to purchase a backup power sources for municipal boilers.Solution Nefteyugansk district court the claim of the Prosecutor is satisfied in full. The administration is obliged to buy in the city boiler redundant power supplies the necessary power.The decision by the administration of Nefteyugansk challenged on appeal. . . Read more -->

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