Yury Trutnev: "the far East cannot develop without aviation""

Yury Trutnev: The far East can not develop without modern aviation, said the envoy in the district Yuri Trutnev, the correspondent .About this Plenipotentiary representative said in a TV interview Primorye. In his opinion, the development of aviation is the only true way."We cannot build such a large number of roads, to be able to reach all places of the Far East, so the development of aviation is no alternative path," Trutnev said. The special representative, jointly with the Ministry of transportation and Among closely studied the subsidy program interregional transportation and made the necessary changes."It takes into account the peculiarities of the Far East, but this is not enough. It is necessary to develop infrastructure and create conditions for any flying clubs, airlines," says the Ambassador. . . Read more -->

The application of "Rosneft" on the funds of the national welfare Fund transferred to the government

The application of The government has received a request from Rosneft on the funds of the NWF, reported the press service of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.The Minister Alexander Novak said that a formalized application will be considered. The amount that asks for "Rosneft",he did not elaborate. Earlier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has not ruled out the possibility of separating from the Fund of national welfare funds to support companies Rosneft and NOVATEK in the size of 80-150 billion rubles by the end of this year.In August 2014, the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin appealed to the government to issue a loan of 1.5 trillion rubles to support projects, "victims" because of the sanctions. . . . Read more -->

On the highway Ekaterinburg-Tyumen faced "passenger car" KAMAZ and passenger bus: there are victims

On the highway Ekaterinburg-Tyumen faced On the highway Ekaterinburg-Tyumen near the village of Beloyarsky Sverdlovsk region has caused a serious traffic accident. The driver of the car IPOs, making overtaking, went on "the oncoming lane, where he collided with KAMAZ and passenger bus KiaGranBird. In the accident was seriously injured 24-year-old driver of a passenger car to retrieve the rescuers had to use special tools.As have informed in the press service of the STSI GU MVD of Russia in Sverdlovsk region, on the 8 kilometer route Yekaterinburg-Tyumen (new direction) near the village of Beloyarsky Sverdlovsk region has caused a serious traffic accident. According to preliminary information, the 24-year-old driver vis, making overtaking passing a vehicle, do not have time to return to previously occupied band, and made a head-on collision with KAMAZ, and subsequently with the bus. In the past there were 13 passengers.The accident suffered only cause for removal rescuers had to use a special tool. Currently, the offender, who received multiple injuries and fractures, hospitalized, his life is in no danger.Add that to the bus message Ekaterinburg-Sukhoi Log this route is unusual - usually it passes through the towns, but recently all of transportation is directed to bypass Beloyarsky due to the overhaul of the track Ekaterinburg-Tyumen. Read more -->

Naryshkin: Perpetrators of mass killings under the Donetsk - "Tribunal""

Naryshkin: Perpetrators of mass killings under the Donetsk - Russia calls for an international Tribunal for crimes in Ukraine, reports TASS.Speaking at the autumn session of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly, the Chairman of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin said: "We demand the international Tribunal for those involved in these crimes against humanity". He stressed that the investigation on a number of tragic situations in Ukraine "deliberately impeded". "Do so shall it be with the investigation group of graves?! Under the Donetsk in the territories, until recently controlled by the Kyiv found many brutally tortured and murdered people. And found new secret grave," said Naryshkin.In his opinion, the Kyiv authorities make it clear in advance that the Minsk agreement for non-essential and can be easily broken". Also, the head of the Russian state Duma hopes to conduct substantive negotiations on the constitutional system of Ukraine, taking into account the interests of all its regions and citizens after achieving sustainable ceasefire.All contradictions can only be resolved through open dialogue, said the speaker of the lower house. . Read more -->

"Rainy here and 12", the players of Zenit St. Petersburg arrived in Yekaterinburg to play with the "Ural""

Players Zenit St. Petersburg have already arrived in Yekaterinburg, where the athletes will match with the "Ural". "Rainy here and 12," said St. Petersburg impression from the Ural capital in its official microblog on Twitter correspondent .Recall, "Zenith", which is the current leader of the championship of Russia, will play with the "Ural" today at the Central stadium. Match 3 round SOGAZ-Russian Championship will take place at 19.30. Match live will broadcast channel "Our Football". Read more -->

The MP district Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district Victor Valeeva mired in "tomato scandal", was deprived of his Deputy mandate

The MP district Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district Victor Valeeva mired in During today's meeting of the district Duma Yugra MP-Communist Victor Valeeva excluded from its membership.The decision was quickly made, without discussions, correspondent . 28 deputies voted "for" exception Valeeva, four against and two abstained.Recall that the member became a member of a scandal with the beating saleswoman vegetable kiosk in Khanty-Mansiysk. The saleswoman Zarema batraeva transmitted in November last year, said the Deputy hit her. The reason for this is not a gentlemanly act became stale tomatoes purchased by the parliamentarian at the point of sale. The court made Valeeva sentence in the article "Beating" (including 1 tbsp. 116 of the criminal code). Read more -->

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