Boy from Nevyansk appealed to Putin to defend the country against corruption

Boy from Nevyansk appealed to Putin to defend the country against corruptionBoy from Nevyansk appealed to the President in the Constitution day with a request to protect the country from corruption. Treatment of 11-year-old Yegor Maslennikova published on YouTube.In the video, the child reads from a sheet of text, judging by the hesitation and errors in emphasis, the text is unfamiliar to him. However, according to the text, we are talking about events from his life. The boy reads that his father is a businessman and mother is a public figure, and therefore, according to the text on the sheet, the administration pleaded with the woman. The court the boy's mother won, but now the claim is already filed on the child reads the text - allegedly in his 11 years he has illegally built house. "My parents against giving bribes, and I have no money," soulful reading boy. Read more -->

Witness the "Bolotnaya square case" in Chelyabinsk conditionally sentenced for resisting police

Witness the The Soviet district court of Chelyabinsk was sentenced to fifteen years in prison activist of the civil movement of the southern Urals Igor Yudin, who had resisted the delivery for questioning as a witness in the "Bolotnaya case". This was reported in civic organizations.As previously reported, on July 23, 2013 Yudin in handcuffs was taken to an interrogation of the "Bolotnaya case" in the Investigative Committee of the Chelyabinsk region. Push the drive in as a witness was needed due to the fact that he failed to appear for questioning voluntarily. . . . Read more -->

Today's "Special correspondent" on "Russia 1" will be devoted to the war in Novorossia

Today's Today on "Russia 1" will be the new transfer from the cycle "Special correspondent". The plot is devoted to the events in the Donbass, in this transmission came in and documentary essay Konstantin Semin made on the results of his personal visit to Luhansk national Republic, correspondent .Promotional trailer with the announcement of the evening transfer lists the main topics that will be discussed: the poles with Maidan returned home and became a problem for local authorities, representatives of totalitarian sects are fighting in the South-East by the junta. On the other hand Luhansk and Donetsk national Republic, which are built virtually from scratch, a lot of plants totally destroyed or in need of major repair.Will be included in the transfer and a short film, based on the results of the trip Konstantin Semin with the writer Zakhar Prilepin on luandino at the end of October, where they went with a cargo of humanitarian aid."I have no desire to see the war, to jump on the barricades or trenches. I more wanted to hear the stories of ordinary people, and this task I performed. The mood of people mixed. On the one hand, this and elated at the same time, this mixed anxiety - what will happen to the people's Republic of how the situation will develop. Read more -->

The Russian delegation will speak at the January session of the PACE - Pushkov

The Russian delegation will speak at the January session of the PACE - PushkovThe Russian delegation at the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is ready to go in full force at the January session of the PACE, as the current restrictions are in effect until the end of the year, said the head of the delegation, Chairman of the international Committee of the state Duma Alexei Pushkov."At the January session, our delegation in full force, because sanctions at year end are set to zero, they cease to act. And so they acted in the following year, must be a new decision, then there should be a new vote on sanctions, in the case of such a proposal. If it is not, then we will fully participate in the activities of the Assembly," Pushkov said."If there is a proposal to extend sanctions against Russia, then the vote will take place somewhere on Wednesday or Thursday during the January session, on the third or fourth day of the January session. These are about prospects" - quoted Puchkova RIA Novosti. . . Read more -->

On the disgraced member of the city Council of Ekaterinburg written another statement to the police

On the disgraced member of the city Council of Ekaterinburg written another statement to the policeFor member of the city Council of Ekaterinburg Oleg Cineva written another statement to the police. This was reported by a private source in law enforcement bodies.A statement to the police wrote a resident of the town of Elena Wells, which, according to some, he worked as an assistant Cinema in the city Duma.In the MOI of Russia in Yekaterinburg has been unable to either confirm or refute this information.Recall of a Deputy of the city Duma, friend and colleague Eugene Roizman Oleg Cinema accused in the murder of 81-year-old pensioner Olga ledovskoy due to a three-room apartment on Botany. According to investigators, the crime was carried out by Kinevil along with two accomplices. The dismembered body of a pensioner was found in a swampy area near Novouralsk. As previously reported themselves supposed murderers have already confessed. . Read more -->

Poroshenko will decide the fate Happy 24th August

Poroshenko will decide the fate Happy 24th AugustThe decision about the fate of the Verkhovna Rada of this convocation will be based on constitutional grounds, which falls on the Day of independence of Ukraine on August 24, said Petro Poroshenko, according to the website policy correspondent ."The decision will be made when the constitutional Foundation, and their time, as is known to all, falls on independence Day," said Poroshenko.According to him, on the question of dissolution of the Parliament he intends to hold consultations with the parliamentary factions and the leadership of the Parliament."In their decisions, I will be guided by the aspirations of the Ukrainian people, and it requires a reboot, requires lustration. Election is the best form of lustration," said Poroshenko.He noted that, according to recent reports, popular support for the elections to the Verkhovna Rada exceeds 80%. Poroshenko added that he is ready to support such people's choice. . . . Read more -->

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