"FMS is transformed into an armed secret service""

The public spoke out strongly against the bills on migration On the social and cultural adaptation and integration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation" and "On immigration control in the Russian Federation", which intends to take the state Duma in the autumn session. According to experts, the adoption of these laws is the Federal migration service will turn from civilian agencies to the police, because now the FMS staff will have the right to bear arms and to conduct searches in the apartments only upon presentation of a certificate, the correspondent ."We are in the situation of metamorphosis, when civil office turns into an armed secret service, it never happened. So you can give permission for weapons and Rosobrnadzor, why not? Will the exam clearer to check the CPS will also arm, they check the quality of the food, and suddenly something is wrong there, the seller can immediately shoot", - commented on the new bills, the President of the Foundation "Migration XXI century" Vyacheslav Postavnin, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday.In fact, according to the draft law, the FMS will actually return in the Ministry of interior, besides the migration service will be engaged in internal migration of citizens of the Russian Federation, explained in turn a member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for civil society development and human rights Evgeny Bobrov."At the same time, as explained by the creators of bills, one of the main evaluation criteria of the official activities of the bodies of migration control is public opinion. In my opinion, this is a blatant populism, because the quality doesn't have public opinion and assessment of social tension in society, reducing intolerance between the local population and migrants, for nothing is done," said beavers.According to the Executive Director of the international non-profit organization "Tong Jahoni" Valentina Chupik, will not lead the bills to the integration of migrants."Hint antidiscrimination legislation in these bills no, on the contrary, the law on social and cultural adaptation and integration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation is discreditation. It contains a number of articles that separate foreign nationals from the Russian restrict migrants in their social rights, not allowing them to learn with others and to get help. If you created a separate instance, you had separated from the others, I know as a refugee," said Chupik, adding that the bill rather about the integration of migrants is aimed at wasting funds of the Federal budget".As for the draft law on migration control, now any employee of the FMS, presenting your papers, will be able to carry out a search in the apartment, said Chupik."Violated the privacy of the home, the FMS staff will have the right to walk into any room. Read more -->

"Space" budget. On the ISS project will spend 321 billion

More details spoken about the implementation of the Federal space program. Thus, according to Deputy Prime Minister for defense and space industry Dmitry Rogozin, on the International space station program for ten years it is planned to allocate more than 300 billion rubles"The project of the Federal space programme for the period 2016-2025 years on the development and operation of the ISS is proposed to allocate 321 billion, including the creation of new modules, automatic spacecraft OKA-T", - said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during the visit to the cosmonaut training Center.According to the Vice Premier, the apparatus is operated in the station and is designed for experiments in high vacuum."Now we think about software projects that relate to the study of deep space, new projects related to manned spaceflight," - said Rogozin.Currently, space experiments on Board the ISS will be conducted in accordance with the current Russian long-term program of scientific and applied research, write "news".Among these experiments applied research physico-chemical processes, materials in the space environment, space biology, biotechnology, technology, space exploration, said Rogozin.Recall, Dmitry Rogozin, has repeatedly stated that the most ambitious plans in the field of manned spaceflight, including a base on the moon and explore Mars.A month ago it was reported that the Agency asks for more than 350 billion rubles to be allocated to create in 2016-2025 years ultramodern national grouping of satellites monitoring the earth's surface, oceans and atmosphere condition. At the same time, there was information stating that the space Agency has requested 214 billion rubles. . . . Read more -->

The couple in the Chelyabinsk region convicted million debt for child support to their children

The couple in the Chelyabinsk region convicted million debt for child support to their childrenThe uvelsky district court of Chelyabinsk region were sentenced to correctional work a couple from the village of Petrovskoe, which for four years does not pay child support to their children in the orphanage.As reported in office of public Prosecutor of the region, the couple are the parents of two minor children, 1998 and 2001 birth. Alimony the husband and wife have not been paid since 2010."The head of the family has a debt in the amount of 540 thousand rubles, the wife has a debt in the amount of 600 thousand rubles Measures on payment of the arrears of alimony parents do not take any material assistance to children do not have, despite the fact that both are working and warned the bailiffs about criminal responsibility", - said the Agency.They were convicted under part 1 of article 157 of the criminal code (malicious evasion of parents from payment of the court's decision means for the maintenance of minor children). . . . . Read more -->

Oleg Ostapenko: Sanctions were good for the space industry

Oleg Ostapenko: Sanctions were good for the space industryA year after the beginning of the reform of the space industry, the situation begins to improve. New control and management are already saving hundreds of millions of rubles, the timing for construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome begin to recover, and sanctions even beneficial for the industry.According to the head of Roscosmos Oleg Ostapenko, the main problems in the industry were related to technical equipment of enterprises, low level of organization and management and production culture. For the year managed to restructure the management system and to establish vertical control, but the lack of professional personnel remains a serious problem. Another innovation was the internal control service that performs the functions of monitoring the use of funds and establishment of competent work."For four months of its existence, the team verified the work of the Central office of Roscosmos and enterprises. Identified violations that were the basis for the transfer of materials to law enforcement agencies. They were initiated three criminal cases and returned 16 million rubles to the state budget. Read more -->

In Verkhoturye in the school's boiler explosion occurred, suffered Stoker. Lessons cancelled

In Verkhoturye in the school's boiler explosion occurred, suffered Stoker. Lessons cancelledToday 05.30 received a message about the explosion of a steam boiler in a separate boiler house owned by MCO school в„– 46 in Verkhoturye.As reported in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region, in the explosion injured, according to preliminary data Stoker, hospitalized in CRH Verkhoturye, partially destroyed building boiler room. The school building was not damaged. The cause and the damage is established. The scene went 1 unit of fire fighting equipment, 4 personnel, the use of fire was not needed.In connection with the incident at the boiler off the supply of school, the educational process today cancelled. . Read more -->

The head of the joint cultural told Putin about the development of the Far East

The head of the joint cultural told Putin about the development of the Far EastAlexander Galushka reported to the President of Russia on the work programs of development of the Far East correspondent .The project of the Federal target program of development of the Far East, provides for the selection of priority investment projects of the Federal budget 133 billion rubles, as well as attracting 2.2 trillion rubles of private investors. This was announced by the Minister for development of the Far East Alexander Galushka at the meeting of the presidential Commission on monitoring the achievement of the targets of the socio-economic development of Russia."The Ministry prepared by the Federal target program development of the Far East. April 30, it is directed to the government of the Russian Federation in the amount of 133 billion rubles and specific measures to run these priority projects. 133 billion rubles of budget investments we get 2.2 trillion rubles extra-budgetary investments," said the dumplings.According to him, According reviewed more than 400 investment projects in the far East. "Selected 23 of the most effective project, of which 16 projects - and the most effective, and most ready for implementation, which is specific investor", - said the Minister.He also said that prepares proposals for the introduction of a mechanism of preferential mortgage in the far East. "The main issue is to find the money to subsidize mortgages for residents of the far East," said the dumplings.According to him, it is envisaged that the amount of subsidies for mortgage loans to young families in the far East will increase from 433 million rubles in 2013 to nearly 600 million rubles. Read more -->

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