Column with homemost for Donetsk and Lugansk arrived in Voronezh region

Column with homemost for Donetsk and Lugansk arrived in Voronezh regionMotorcade of EMERCOM of Russia, consisting of one hundred trucks loaded with humanitarian aid for inhabitants of Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine, arrived in Voronezh region for holiday drivers."After the rest of the drivers, refueling and checking the technical condition of the machines, the convoy will continue in Rostov region", - said Deputy head of the National center for crisis management of the Ministry Oleg Voronov.According to him, during the movement of the column is no accident occurred, drivers feel normal, according to RIA Novosti. . . . . . Read more -->

"Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz" introduces an innovative technology of sludge disposal

On vyngapurovski field "Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz" commissioned innovative installation of thermal degradation of the oil sludge to handle it without a remainder.The act of setting, which is the domestic development based on modern technologies of dry pyrolysis of solid, liquid and pasty waste. Under the influence of high temperature without oxygen sludge is decomposed into components: oil, water and mechanical impurities (clay, sand, metal oxides). Allocated during processing of the slurry oil is completely suitable for handing in the training and subsequent transport to implement. Get water, even without additional purification, can be used for communal needs. The extracted solids are purified soil, which can be used as a building material in the construction of roads or dumping grounds pads. When this gas is released in the course of disposing of oily sludge is used as fuel for the processing plant, thereby ensuring its full energy autonomy. Read more -->

Ugra police will pay the state for illegal bringing to administrative responsibility

Ugra police will pay the state for illegal bringing to administrative responsibilityProsecutors Rainbow made a return to the Treasury of Russia money, paid the man, illegally privatename to administrative responsibility. The earlier decision of the inspector resident Rainbow was brought to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules, reported the press service of the district attorney. Subsequently, the decision of the inspector has been cancelled by the court.The man went to court for protection of their violated rights. According to the court, with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation at the expense of the state collected in 10 thousand rubles, then the city Prosecutor's office in the interests of the state went to court with a claim to the police. In it she demanded to recover from his spent on lawyer money. . Read more -->

Solikamsk funnel will protect from the "tourists" fence

Solikamsk funnel will protect from the Failure in Solikamsk will be fenced. This was announced by the mayor of the city of Solikamsk Sergey Devyatkov. According to him, to the place of the accident there are too many curious residents, taking into account the natural shedding breeds such trips can be dangerous.Recall that the message about the increase in filtration of brine on skru-2 OJSC "Uralkali" received 18 November. The mine was evacuated shift, for pumping brine was added pump. On the same day in the area of the abandoned garden plots formed a crater the size of 20 to 30 meters."It's no secret that today on the territory of the failure of trying to get a lot of curious people. And they should not be there. Read more -->

Lavrov: US in Syria "on the sly" I can dance here and Assad's army

Lavrov: US in Syria Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that the air strikes on Syria can be applied not only to destroy the militants of the Islamic state", but also to weaken the position of the army of Bashar al-Assad."There are suspicions that can be applied strikes on Syrian territory, not only in those areas that control the militants of the Islamic state", but rather on the sly," you can dance here and government forces in order to weaken the position of the army of Bashar al-Assad," said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.According to him, "this will be the step to enormous escalation of conflicts in the middle East and North Africa". "We urge fully respect the existing rules of international law and to do so with the consent of the legitimate government of the state concerned," said Lavrov on the TV channel "Russia-24"". . . . . Read more -->

The student hanged himself at the cottage in Karabash

The student hanged himself at the cottage in KarabashPolice in St. John Chrysostom explains the causes of death of the student, who hanged himself in the yard of a suburban home. The body of 15-year-old boy found relatives.As reported in the state Ministry of interior in the Chelyabinsk region, the boy was found hanged in the courtyard of a country house on the street Matrosov."It is known that the family of the deceased the student is successful. In school teenager he studied at "4" and "5" was characterized by positive", - told the Agency. . . Read more -->

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