Solikamsk funnel will protect from the "tourists" fence

Solikamsk funnel will protect from the Failure in Solikamsk will be fenced. This was announced by the mayor of the city of Solikamsk Sergey Devyatkov. According to him, to the place of the accident there are too many curious residents, taking into account the natural shedding breeds such trips can be dangerous.Recall that the message about the increase in filtration of brine on skru-2 OJSC "Uralkali" received 18 November. The mine was evacuated shift, for pumping brine was added pump. On the same day in the area of the abandoned garden plots formed a crater the size of 20 to 30 meters."It's no secret that today on the territory of the failure of trying to get a lot of curious people. And they should not be there. So today this place is protected. There will be installed a fence to keep in the zone of failure are not penetrated none of the population", - said the head of Solikamsk in an interview with "Perm tribune".The head explained that the cottage "Keys" on the territory of which appeared funnel, empty since the catastrophe, from which the cottages stopped flowing water."These cottages were so named because of the keys: there flowed a river of Popovka, was a good key, which served as a water source. After the tectonic changes that have occurred in 1995, the keys to beating stopped, the water, in all probability, changed direction. In addition, there was built the power lines, but electricity and did not disappoint. And people began to leave. But, Yes, some remained there, brought water, something grew," said Devyatkov.According to him, is now discussing the question of compensation to the land owners. But the mass of complaints from truckers administration of Solikamsk is not yet registered."I have received one application for compensation, more precisely, the allocation of land in return. Many gardeners there is no evidence on the ownership of property. For those who have all the documents, compensation will be provided in accordance with the law," said Devyatkov.The mayor reported that the tributaries of the brine in the mine had stopped funnel will increase only due to the natural shedding breed on the walls.

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