Voitovich promised to "mask show" the administration of Chelyabinsk, if the officials will prevent the legitimacy of land allocation

Voitovich promised to The regional Prosecutor's office has a large-scale verification of the legality of land allocation by the administration of Chelyabinsk, which began after the signal received in the name of the head of the regional Federal security service about a month ago. According to the information of the regional Prosecutor Alexander Voytovych, in the Department of architecture and urban planning Chelyabinsk tried to hide the documents, which had to organize support FSB."I warned the administration that if they interfere with the test, it will force the seizure of equipment and documents, what happened" he told today at the press conference.As the correspondent , the Prosecutor said that after the test, the former city Manager of Chelyabinsk Sergei Davydov repealed the regulations "on the ground"."Order of 18 cases were sent to court for cancellation of decisions on land allocation. In arbitration prepare an application for the reversal of the decision of the city administration," said Voitovich.According to him, we are talking about such areas as the land near the arena "Tractor" (3 million rubles), managed to return about 2 hectares in city property. In addition, one of the sites, the evaluation team has identified the cost of 120 million rubles, and he sold over 22 million rubles On some lands, said Voytovich, already hammered the pegs under construction, but until major construction there. The Prosecutor's office intends to return approximately 42 ha of land was sold."There is an understanding on the part Kotova (acting head of the administration of Chelyabinsk Natalia Kotova - approx. ). The work is very large. Will there be other structures subjected to checks? Will come a new city Manager shall see," said Voitovich.

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