Media: Obama is negotiating with Saudi Arabia about the collapse of the oil market in Russia

Media: Obama is negotiating with Saudi Arabia about the collapse of the oil market in RussiaU.S. President Barack Obama paid an official visit to Saudi Arabia. In the media there was information that he wants to agree to Saudi Arabia increased its oil supplies to the world market, thus throwing the economy of the Russian Federation. On such assumptions, writes the Guardian.It is noted that Europe is heavily dependent on Russian oil and gas exports. Therefore, immediately abandon it. As the output, and consider increasing the supply of oil and gas from Saudi Arabia.Russia vulnerable to sanctions, the article reads, writes In the time of economic weakness led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, if the West wants to stop the "aggression" of Putin, he must use economic factors. A fall in oil exports will mean that Russia will not be able to afford German cars, French wine and Italian designer clothes. Similar to the oil embargo was also applied to Iran.Today Europe is dependent on Russian energy supplies, so the embargo cannot be applied immediately. Neil Barnett of the Center for policy studies says that there is a way to do this quickly: to persuade Saudi Arabia to do the dirty work".Similar to "oil" the collapse of Saudi Arabia did in the mid-1980 H. Then she really did not like the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. So she "dumped" on the market its oil, reducing the global price. Like she can do now: if the oil falls in price from the current $ 107 per barrel to $ 90, this can lead to serious financial and economic losses for Russia. Neil Barnett believes that the Saudis can take this step, which will also contribute to increased growth of the world economy, in order to punish Putin for his support of the Assad regime in Syria. Recall that the U.S. is prepared to supply natural gas to Europe instead of Russia.

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