Boris RozhinThe fights in the new Russia: the Militias do not lose hope to form a Volnovakha pot, while the junta is trying to save, who can

Boris RozhinThe fights in the new Russia: the Militias do not lose hope to form a Volnovakha pot, while the junta is trying to save, who canBoris Rozhin (colonelcassad) on the situation in the Donbass in the evening on August 28Briefly about the situation on the front. LNR: After a lull there began the offensive, but it develops slowly, as the defense of the opponent is very strong.Airport, Lutugino confidently controlled by the junta, so any improvements near the city of Lugansk too early to say.The encirclement of the enemy in the area of Happiness is not yet possible to implement, as the enemy of his activity under the Village of the Luhansk constantly thwart the plans of the militia.Track Krasnodon - Lugansk militia in the General controls, but in some places the junta still can sporadically firing. There is still too much work.DND: While storm Mariupol no and possibly with him in a hurry will not. DRG militias walked Mariupol, where the junta has pulled all that you can, and get in fights on the road Mariupol, Berdyansk and on the territory of Zaporizhzhya oblast, which Kolomoisky now stands on itself. Here militias operate in the actual operational emptiness, so only the lack of forces and mechanical connections do not make this promotion even more rapid. Here Novorossia still have a few days, during which they will build on the success achieved. Frontal assault Mariupol now unpromising, but not impossible, if armored vehicles and artillery quickly promoted to the outskirts of Mariupol. It should be remembered that the troops in Mariupol though a lot of up to 3 000 people a little technique, but their morale is poor.The southern front is fractured into a series of boilers which digest. Junta is a big loss, tikas surrounded by forces in order militia, trying to find there weakness. This leads to bloody battles in which both sides sustained heavy losses. The activity is quite understandable - even for a few days, and the supply issues will tie surrounded by obedienoe technique. While the militias do not lose hope to form a "Volnovakha pot, while the junta is trying to save anyone - unlocking surrounded Elenovka, they struck another blow to Yasinovataya, to make part of the militia forces on the southern front - operative values this frontal impact has not.In General, the battles North of Donetsk are now minor and essentially providing character in relation to what is happening South of the capital DND.The junta quickly chases reserves, trying to arrest the consequences of defeat, 2-3 days to the South-West of Donetsk will start to build the kind of front line, to restore connectivity halved grouping junta in the Donbass.The combat capability of the proposed parts is highly questionable. Loss technique to compensate harder. According integral estimates, in case of defeat surrounded parts of the southern front, the junta will be able to save only half the superiority of the people and twice in the armor, that in light of what is happening will be irreparable catastrophe. Gradually, the junta is deprived of its main advantages associated with overwhelming superiority in engineering and artillery, and low quality infantry comes to the fore.

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