"The March of independence" in Warsaw resulted in a clash with police

In Warsaw detained about 160 offenders, faced with police during an organized nationalist movements of the "March of independence", one policeman was injured.It is reported that a group of provocateurs waited for the column of demonstrators at the National stadium, where the completion of the action, timed to celebrate the country's independence Day, reports TASS. Violent young people with closed faces pelted police firecrackers, smoke bombs, stones and Molotov cocktails.According to the press Secretary of the chief commandant of police Mariusz Sokolowski, hooligans "is already isolated from the marchers cordon". He added that the guards had to use tear gas and rubber bullets. However, local clashes with police continue. In the March of independence" attended by several tens of thousands of people. Organizers say that on the streets 100 thousand people. The city authorities have still not made an official decision to stop the demonstration.Recall that during the "March of independence on November 11, 2013 the participants of the demonstration were thrown at the building of the diplomatic mission of Russia flares, bottles and firecrackers. At the fence of the Embassy, the demonstrators set fire to a security booth.

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