MPs threaten resignation of Jacob in the case of another rise in the cost of public transport

MPs threaten resignation of Jacob in the case of another rise in the cost of public transportThe administration of Yekaterinburg again raised the question about the value of public transportation in Yekaterinburg, according to officials, the cost of the trip is 45-50 RUB the Mayor's office issued an ultimatum subsidies, otherwise the rates will be increased. Quite a fierce debate deputies and officials of the municipality over the fact that the MPs are going to start their own inspection of the municipal enterprises involved in the transport of passengers. The great interest of deputies was caused, first of all, the extremely low numbers of return MYPOW when placing on their premises advertising. If the tariff will be increased, city Manager Alexander Jacob threaten resignation, meanwhile, the regional deputies are preparing a request to the Prosecutor's office to check the validity of the previous raising the fare from 18 to 23 rubles, when officials decided their problems at the expense of the citizens" and still managed to accumulate debts.See also:-->The city of Ekaterinburg shocked townspeople are preparing to increase fares to 45-50 rubles (!)The head of the faction "Fair Russia" in the regional Parliament Dmitry Jonas, has long been engaged in the transport issue, in an interview with defeated the arguments of the city administration: City officials believe that the "region" must pay "the city" for beneficiaries. And while she does not pay, then piling up debts. Then it begs the question. Without these debts and 18 rubles transporters would work in a profit. That is, some of those mythical debt, the city government was forced to pay consumer services travel [raising the cost of travel up to 23 rubles]. For example, the courts of which they say, will be won and "region" money will give. As the carriers will return the money to those who a year and a half was too much for one trip 5 rubles due to the differences of the two centers of power? The amount of the load of accumulated".To the question of cost, Jonas addressing the municipal authorities, says: "If You are on the official hearings allow myself to say that the tariff should be at the level of 50 rubles, and the enterprises are forced to work in a huge loss, then answer me why a bunch of private carriers so torn on this market? Or should I believe in fairy tales, that from the advertising and renting shopping places "Ekaterinburg metro" gets only about 200 thousand rubles a month?! All these stories can tell each other. I, as the head of the relevant working group of the legislative Assembly for holding more than 1 thousand various documents on this issue, officially declare that the cost of travel is higher 16-17 RUB the debt issue for beneficiaries who should pay at least the "city" or "the area", but not the inhabitants of Ekaterinburg. In my opinion, responsible for the increase of travel will incur an administration of Ekaterinburg and personally Alexander Jacob," says the MP.Member of the legislative Assembly Andrei Alshevskih says city officials would not talk about a possible reduction in the cost of travel: "the City is constantly talking about the need to raise the prices for public transport. We never heard from them plans to reduce the cost. At the moment, I think that the "cost" of travel, spoke Wysokinski, it is extremely difficult category. Indeed, the figures of which he spoke, a rather strange - including and profit of the city for the placement of advertising products. In my opinion, now the municipal deputies shall arrange an audit of MYPOW in this direction. But in General, I believe that the state should return to this market is that prices on the thoroughfare was lined up in a uniform field across the country.The MP Eugene Artyukh notes another responsible person, check which you want to organize: "rack at one time agreed to raise the fare for 5 rubles In my opinion, the validity of this decision is in doubt - I'll write a Deputy to the Prosecutor's office to ensure that it has examined the feasibility of making that decision. I believe that the authorities of the state in the face region, and municipal - in the face of the city administration must stop these so-called "fiscal war", and move on to constructive dialogue. As extreme in their opposition to be citizens"".

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