In the centre of Chelyabinsk faced eight cars

In the centre of Chelyabinsk faced eight carsEight cars collided this afternoon in the centre of Chelyabinsk.As reported in the Department of propaganda of municipal police, it all happened at 11.15 on Kalinin street near the house 15. A man born in 1988, driving a car "KIA-Led" when making overtaking faced with staying ahead of passing VAZ-2115.From hitting the car changed direction and collided with a Toyota, and vases hit five parked cars (Lexus, Opel, Mitsubishi, vases and 21703 "Nissan"). All the accident damage received eight cars. Injuries of the driver of VAZ-2115: with a concussion and knee injury he was sent to outpatient treatment."Driver "KIA" has 1.5 years of driving experience, over the past year, he was twice brought to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules of the Russian Federation, including in September it was made the administrative material for waiver of examination.

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