The event "Open Russia" Khodorkovsky in Chelyabinsk ended evacuation

The event Round table on elections, organized by the Foundation of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Open Russia" in Chelyabinsk, ended with a visit by law enforcement agencies. In the midst of conversation in the room burst into a riot, which asked those present to leave the building in connection with the evacuation, correspondent .See also:-->Lecture "Fund Khodorkovsky was held. Trinity called Ural bellantonio to large stocks, and Putin was compared with the crusaders,who lead Russia in the middle AgesAs it became known, was originally the event was planned to take place in the conference hall of Radisson on the street Work. However, according to the activists, they met resistance from the FSB and the Ministry of internal Affairs of the region officers prevented the entrance to the building, and hotel managers "for reasons beyond their control" refused to rent. In addition to the security forces, "Open Russia" in Chelyabinsk met opponents Khodorkovsky (by the way, recently expressed a willingness to "physically or politically" to destroy Russian President Vladimir Putin) with posters."Open Russia" had to quickly retreat to another site in the office of the party "Yabloko". However, they were unsuccessful - unknown pushed the match into the door lock to get into the room failed.In the end, "Open Russia" is set to "round table" in the hotel "South Ural". In the area of 15 square meters gathered about 30 people. After some time in the bathroom, according to information gathered, the electricity was cut off.Online broadcast of the event was periodically interrupted. According to organizers, "guzzled the Internet, I had to go to broadcast over 3G. Under the doors, they said, were "provocateurs with rotten eggs"."We are open to all. We give the floor to the expression of different trends from the authorities, the opposition, representatives of the expert community. We go to create a platform for public dialogue," opened "round table" project coordinator Vladimir Kara-Murza, noting that the authorities now and then tear the event "Open Russia".The coordinator of the project "citizen observer" Dmitry Oreshkin said that he first encountered a similar situation, comparing participants with the partisans. Going to the main topic of the event, he said that the authorities are afraid of elections on the backdrop of the crisis. ... Made a prediction that in the near future people will lose income, small business will collapse, and this will affect the mood of the electorate. We can expect the reduction of enthusiasm among the lower classes of the population, he said.... Said that in Russia there are two types of regions: in some territories elections have meaning, and in other results "drawn". The last around two dozen. Chelyabinsk he to these regions to "draw" the results are not related."What provintsialny region, the easier it is to bend the population, to remove from selection. In Chelyabinsk, there are independent media, Internet, elections are more difficult to falsify than in neighboring Bashkortostan, where the turnout is always higher than 90 percent," he explained.In his opinion, Vladimir Putin became President thanks to the Russian province, while in large cities, he did not get even in the best of times". ... Called upon to fight for attendance, and to negotiate fair elections, to keep the mechanism of eligibility.The Fund Manager, Voice-Ural" Yuri Gourmet apologized to the capital for "harsh inhospitable Chelyabinsk". The existing situation with the elections he praised as "the collapse of the Institute of voters, in addition, he noted that each time they are held under the new rules.Gurman reported that the elections of 14 September 2014 in Chelyabinsk had unprecedented conditions for conducting the election campaign, no restrictions for extensions, but the opposition lost. He noted that worth thinking about wine, whether here only the administrative system, which exerts pressure.Suddenly in the midst of the discussion in the room, where was held a "round table", stormed the police protection that literally drove gathered by the evacuation after the message about the bomb.Currently the building is cordoned off, there are law enforcement officers."This is the signature style of this group. In order to be loved in Russia, one should be persecuted and oppressed. In Yekaterinburg they screamed too, that way they do not interfere. Actually, no obstacles. What they disrupted the broadcast, why not competent "it specialist" to find? Themselves of matches in the castle stuffed. I don't know how Khodorkovsky personally paid Tabalov (Chelyabinsk activist Alexei Tabalov - approx. as amended), but the fact that this is clearly going to go on a trip somewhere or buying bucks, I have such feelings. Maybe I'm wrong and it's free," commented political analyst Andrei Lavrov.According to him, when he announced the round table", in the list of its members were respected people, who eventually refused to participate."Zyryanov (Director chelyabinska Ane Sergey Zyryanov - approx. ed) there went.

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