The delegation from Russia has not arrived at the autumn session of the PACE

The delegation from Russia has not arrived at the autumn session of the PACEIn Strasbourg opens PACE autumn session. The main topics of debate will be a crisis on Ukraine and the fight against neo-Nazism in Europe.The Russian delegation, due to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia deprived of voting rights and are excluded from the governing bodies of the PACE before the end of this year, at the current session, as the previous one, has not arrived.However, the state Duma Deputy Olga Kazakova, which was co-Rapporteur on the problem of neo-Nazism, as expected, still take part in the discussion, according to ITAR-TASS.According to the Russian Parliament, the topic of her presentation will be mainly related to the fact that "now happening in Ukraine". "Even the Western media has already confirmed that Ukraine sound nationalist slogans, displays the images of the swastika," stated Olga Kazakova. She added that for her initiative in the main text of the report is amended, condemning the "resuscitation" of neo-Nazi organizations "Galicia" and "Waffen SS", which are branches of the SS. "Waffen SS" and "Galicia" does not have the right to life in the modern world and should be rejected by society," he said, not eliminating sharp debate during the session.Kazakov noticed that in the rest of the issues on the agenda of the October session, it to take part will not be in effect acting against the Russian delegation sanctions PACE.

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