Summary of "truce": In the occupied territories is "filtering" of the population, on the border with Crimea install ADMS

Summary of 5 November, the situation on the fronts even more tense. Intelligence reports of the army of the new Russia, the Ukrainian command prepares provocation in N. p. Karlovka (under the control of the Ukrainian security forces against the civilian population under the guise of militia DND in order to discredit the army of Novorossia and get the occasion to launch an offensive operation. On Wednesday 5 November in Donetsk again killed the children.Military events in DNDThe night of 4 to 5 November in Donetsk was hard. In the morning 05 November resumed active fighting for Donetsk airport with the use of both small arms and heavy artillery.In the first half of the day in Donetsk sounds were heard artillery salvos and explosions. The shelling has been Kuibyshev and Kyiv city. Due to the penetration of the projectile damaged private house by address: Ul. Romanian , 16.At 15.30 (GMT) the shelling of the Ukrainian security forces have attacked the West bus station and North of the village of Odessa. Artillery militia inflicted retaliatory strikes on the Mat last night was destroyed at least five firing points Ukrainian security forces.About 17.00 (GMT) due to the impact of the projectile on the territory of the school # 63 located in the village. October (Kyiv region), two people were killed. The victim was hit by a missile became a disciple of the eighth class, as well as an 18-year-old high school graduate. Injured four more teen: three people for 17 years, and one 21-year-old. Victims are directed in Donetsk oblast trauma: one heavy and three medium severity.As at 18.30 (GMT) in Donetsk remained extremely tense situation. During the whole day in the city did not cease the sounds of shots and explosions. Especially restless in Moscow, Kiev and shop areas.In N. p. Sands during the day was a tank battle between the militia and the APU. 22:40 (GMT) fighting in the side of the Sand did not stop, high intensity battles were using small arms, was also heard work tank guns, "rock", KPVT.In 22.25 in the sky above the Sands were observed in the direction Donetsk two Ukrainian drones.In the evening, in the area of N. p. Avdiivka was troubled, there was a fight. Aside Miner had heard the work of small arms.Army of Novorossia were mortar attacks on checkpoints, support and Supervisory Ukrainian security forces, which are located on the outskirts of the N. p. Nikitina.During artdubai units of the militia destroyed the accumulation of Ukrainian armored vehicles under Debaltsevo. The situation remains tense.According to intelligence militia in settlements Volnovaha and Ugledar (under the control of the Ukrainian security forces) Mat together with the SBU are arresting people whose relatives participated in the elections on 2 November in Donetsk. Detainees taken in the direction of Dnepropetrovsk, their fate is still unknown.In the evening of 5 November from under Volnovakha Ukrainian security forces inflicted ortuzar of the MRLS for N. p. Novotroitskoye.In Mariupol Mat continued mining of strategic objects, the day was shot in the area of Mariupol airport (West of town).In the area of AC2 was shooting from tank guns, from Zirka 1 was conducted howitzer fire in the direction of Novoazovsk.Military events in LNRDay 5 November militia was attack from small arms in the Ukrainian position in the area of Chernoochene.November on intelligence in the village. Moskovka observed a large concentration of manpower Ukrainian security forces. After application, the host of barrage fire in the Ukrainian position in this locality, Mat decided not to attack.In the night of 4 to 5 November Ukrainian artillery using ACS and mortars from N. p. Crimean fired N. p. Frunze, Golubovsky and Donetsk, in the shelling killed 6 people, 11 people were hospitalized with injuries of varying degrees.The operative situation in the area of Ukrainian roadblock No. 31 the N. p. Frunze remains very tense. By N. p. Free Ukrainian military made a fire on the positions of the militia in the area along Mahmuda". There is a possibility that the fire served as an artillery preparation before the counteroffensive of the APU in this area. Received contradictory information about successful attempt of the Ukrainian security forces to hold the support posts No. 29 and No. 31.In the village Bakhmutova Novoaydarskiy area during the day we heard the cannonade. Mat they shot from the bridge over the hill, probably in the area of N. p. Trechispora.Through the Lisichansk (under the control of the Ukrainian security forces) 17.00-17.50 (MSK) Sverdlova street in the direction Luhansk team was a column of 50 units BMP with troops on the armor, SAU (under the awning), Ul. K. Marx in the direction Luhansk - more than 20 units of trucks with boxes, trailer cannon was spotted at least 5 BM-21.Residents, Rubizhne (under the control of the Ukrainian security forces) reported that on 5 November at the railway station has seen a lot of military equipment.OtherIn the evening the lions flew transport AN-24 or 26, it is likely that the cargo (the height of 1500-2000 m, course North-East, the observation point: Pavlo-Kichkas).In Kherson oblast of the Ukrainian military establish anti-aircraft missile systems to "protect the border" with the Crimea.Ukrainian military need psychological help. This conclusion was made by experts, analyzing the most frequent behavior netguardian.

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