Published photo with U.S. Marines burning bodies of Iraqi insurgents

Published photo with U.S. Marines burning bodies of Iraqi insurgentsInternet-portal TMZ released a series of photos, which shows how U.S. Marines burning bodies of Iraqi insurgents.In total, there TMZ has more than forty shots, but many of them are too terrible to place them in the public domain, the article says.These shocking images could be done in the Iraqi city of al Fallujah ten years ago, according to the portal. This city was one of the main centres of resistance to the U.S. military after the ouster of Saddam Hussein.Currently, the us marine corps checks pictures for authenticity. Also, experts are trying to establish the identity of the Marines depicted in the photographs, reports RIA Novosti.The representative of the Pentagon Colonel Steven Warren recalled that the Charter of the U.S. army requires employees to properly handle dead bodies. He stressed that such actions are contrary to the behavior that should demonstrate the U.S. military.American troops is not the first time accused of desecrating the bodies of the dead, reminds Lenta.Ru. So, in 2012, two employees of the Corps faced criminal charges after publishing the video which us Marines pissing on the corpses of dead Afghans.

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