Spouse Smirnitsky reported that the reason for the arrest of the actor on Board was not a hellbender

Spouse Smirnitsky reported that the reason for the arrest of the actor on Board was not a hellbenderThe wife of actor Valentin Smirnitsky Lydia Ryabtseva said that the reason for his detention on Board the aircraft S7 was not a brawl, and the conflict with airline employees because of the rules of transportation of animals.Earlier some media reported that the honoured artist of the Russian Federation Valentin Smirnitsky, played Porthos in the famous film "D'artagnan and three Musketeers" and his wife was detained at the airport "Domodedovo" due to abuse of staff in a drunken state on the flight from Alicante (Spain) in Moscow."The conflict occurred due to transport our little dog when we were coming back from Alicante to Moscow", - said Ryabtseva RIA Novosti.As explained spouse Smirnitsky, according to the rules of carriage the dog had to be to carry under the seat: "We these rules are not violated. But after a four-hour flight the dog he wanted to use the toilet. I took her hands, pulled the diaper and went with her to the bathroom. Stewards blocked my way and made the remark in a very rough form. It turns out that I had to carry her to the toilet not on hand, and in the bag-carrying, all pushing and all interfere. And Valentin Georgievich stood up for me," said she.It tells Ryabtseva, she asked the stewards to treat her politely. "No alcohol was not. We even sat with Valentin Georgievich in different parts of the plane. The flight attendants just did not like that we asked them to apologize for the mistreatment of us. (...) We got off the plane, has written explanation and went home," says the version of Raceway.The version that appeared in some media that Smirnitsky tried to hit steward, his wife denied: "He just came up and shamed the steward that it was wrong to behave. The dog sat for four hours, never utter a sound. We fly international airline and go to museums, never a problem.

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