Yamal Rosprirodnadzor fined daughter of NOVATEK for excess combustion gas

Yamal Rosprirodnadzor fined daughter of NOVATEK for excess combustion gasLarge oil and gas company LLC "NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegas caught not irrational use of mineral resources with large losses of natural resources. The environmental Agency of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district has appointed the company to fines amounting to more than 800 thousand rublesAs was established by the environmental Prosecutor's office, OOO NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegas owns the license to develop deposits Khancheyskoye plot. According to the project documentation, the company shall use the dissolved gas in the amount of 97%. However, in 2013, when produced more than 11 million cubic meters of gas, the company used the 6.5 million cubic meters, and other resources burned in flares. "Thus, the utilization rates (useful lives) was only 57%,"- said the press service of the Supervisory authority.The Prosecutor's office for the audit was filed against the company and first Deputy General Director Dmitry great names like " pilić cases of administrative offences including 1 tbsp. 8.10 of the code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation "irrational use of subsoil, leading to excessive losses in the extraction of minerals". Rosprirodnadzor district fined NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegas and head for the total amount of 810 thousand rubles.

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