In may, Victor Valeev risks losing mandate. In his place may claim a few people...

In may, Victor Valeev risks losing mandate. In his place may claim a few people...In April, the deputies of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district were to consider the revocation of a mandate of the leader of the faction CRPF Victor Valeeva, which the court found guilty of beating women. A month ago the deputies postponed consideration of the question, because the court has not yet entered into force, however, to revisit the question of the Duma may in may, the correspondent .Recall that the Deputy was convicted of beating a Chechen saleswoman who sold him the spoiled tomatoes, Valeev was convicted on h 1 tbsp. 116 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation "Beating". In the appeal the MP was denied. In connection with the scandal of deprivation leader Ugra Communists mandate was included in the agenda of the Commission's regulations, issues of parliamentary activities and ethics. As previously reported in the information-analytical control of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district, this issue will be resolved "soon".If the MP elected on the party list, prematurely activates his powers, his place is taken by a member of the party standing in the following list, told the state-legal Department of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district. For the parliamentary elections in 2011, the list of the Communist party was headed by the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on industry Sergey Sobko, behind him in the General part of the list were the first Secretary of the district branch of the Victor Valeev and Duma Deputy Alexander Smirnov. The Communist party in the elections has received two mandates, gaining a little more than 13%, so in the Duma included two representatives abdusalyamova list. Because there were no other participants, free mandate Valeeva by decision of the party will get one of the members of the regional part.In Ugric branch of the Communist party explained that to evaluate the possible candidates for the position of regional leader of the party prematurely, however, the Communists prepared for the worst scenario:"We have submitted a cassation appeal, continue to sue. The legislation is written so that MPs can really deprive Viktor Semenovich mandate, but we will continue to prove his innocence," said the member of the Bureau of the district Committee of Khanty Ivan Levchenko.According to him, even if Valeev will be forced to leave Parliament, he will remain the first Secretary of the regional branch of the Communist party, the party's Constitution does not contain provisions that prohibit people with criminal convictions to be a member of the political Union. "In may we will be reporting and election conference, with confidence at 150% Victor Valeev will be elected first Secretary," said Levchenko.It is the name Levchenko called in as a possible contender for release of the mandate. Party functionary was in the list Naginski regional group, now it is the actual Deputy Valeeva, occupying the post of second Secretary of the district Committee, also Levchenko a candidate member of the Central Committee of the Communist party."He is young, active, in the Duma has the status of assistant Deputy, is responsible for organizing most of the pickets and rallies. This is the most likely candidate. If we talk about other candidates - a candidate may be Secretary for ideology Marina Dranko, who is the assistant Deputy of the Tyumen regional Duma Galina Shustova," said one of the supporters of the party.Colleagues Valeeva in Parliament reserved comment on the upcoming session of the Commission. Deputy Alexander Kolodich notes that, raising the question of revocation of the mandate, the Duma only takes the provisions of the law:"The verdict is in Valeeva and in accordance with the law, if he came into force, the member shall be deprived of his mandate. Therefore, the opinion of individual members of Parliament here is not on the foreground. Sadly, the events unfolded that way, but the law is the law," he said, commenting on the situation .The session of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district will be held on the twentieth of may, the agenda of the meetings of the commissions will be known after the may holidays.

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