The fights in the new Russia: a Breakthrough junta in the boiler is an adventure, which was not successful

The fights in the new Russia: a Breakthrough junta in the boiler is an adventure, which was not successfulBoris Rozhin (colonelcassad) about events in the Donbass 9 AugustIn the ongoing battle for Saur-Grave, where the militia was forced to take the top of the mountain, August 9, the focus was operational crisis around Musinski and red Beam.The General sense of crisis was the next grouping is surrounded in the South Boiler, gathered the remaining forces and rushed for a breakthrough - 79-I, the remains of 72nd and regiment special forces retreated strictly to the West, and losing up to half of the machines and about 250 people killed and wounded (all of them are trying to blame it on the fire of the Russian artillery) broke away from the boiler.The remnants of the 24th HOMBRE fought on the North-West. Was collected reinforced armoured group (about 10 tanks and the same number APC/IFV) with infantry armor, which broke through the encirclement and August 8, broke into Minusinsk. All day on August 8, there were heavy fighting, in which the main forces of the enemy were dislodged North of Musinski. At night, the armed group began the March to the Red Beam, which broke on the morning of 9 August. Simultaneously, from Debaltsevo apparently followed the impact of mechanized forces of the enemy, who broke through Fasenko and led offensive on Vakhrushevo.Given the strategic importance of the red Beam, created an operational threat to the main road, which is supplied Donetsk. Available in a small garrison town (the city was considered the rear) had a stubborn resistance in the southern suburbs of the red Beam in the area of the mines. As a result, had won several critical hours, which allowed hastily pull up the reserves and not allow the enemy to capture the Red Beam. In addition to the heroism of the militia, it is worth noting the lack of junta ammunition and fuel in the 24th HOMBRE, which after a long stay in the boiler was not able to conduct a hard and long fight and finding resistance was pushed in the southern suburbs of the red Beam. Whether it's a full-equipped armed group, not exhausted from weeks of fighting, the situation could not turn in our favor.However, a few hours over Gorlovka Donetsk and really hung threat environment, if 24-HOMBRE I have been able to gain a foothold in the city, and the junta broke through Vakhrushevo full corridor to the city, in addition to cutting communications to Donetsk, Gorlovka, in the hardest operative position was instantly forces militia in the district of Thorez and the Snow and the entire southern front DND could rapidly shlopnutsya.Fortunately, the worst-case scenario has managed so far to avoid the bullet, what is called, flew right at his temple. The ongoing fighting in the area of Musinski and West from the red Beam is designed to localize the effects of extremely unpleasant breakthrough, which obviously militia was not expected (apparently believed that surrounded'll go out together, and you get away with hitting artillery, as actually happened with the remnants of 72nd and 79th brigade). Blow pronography on Minusinsk and counter-punch from Debaltsevo through Fasico apparently became very unpleasant surprise. From this junta was certainly an adventure, which was not successful and pessimistic assessment of the Zakharchenko and Strelkova clearly show that a breakthrough has shaken the confidence of command DND's ability to keep the Red Beam. It is also worth noting that the situation of breakthrough 24th HOMBRE once again revealed the flaws of the interaction command DND and LNR, and also the old problem chieftain Kozitsyn, which is neither the one nor the other does not obey and fight apparently by itself.Causes of Razguliay tanks burst through the rear of the militia rather trivial - layered defense militias to build cannot, strength is not enough. The most combat-ready units and the main anti-tank resources focused on the front, the rear of the city cover the militia with small arms with a minimum of antitank means, movable reserves cat laugh. As a result, if the mechanical connection of the enemy break through the front, then they begin to act effectively in operational emptiness, where militias them for several hours just nothing to oppose, until they pulled up reserves.In General, operational crisis around the red Beam, if the whole is not yet overcome, but close to it.

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