"Development Corporation" "warmed up" South Ural village

OJSC "Corporation of development" (CR) provided with heat seven of social objects and seven hundred apartments in the village South of Chelyabinsk region.In the village, located in Nagaybaksky district, commissioned a new modular gas boiler with a capacity of 5 MW, reported the press service of "Corporation". Boiler built built in the framework of the project, increasing the efficiency of the Ural region.The investor of construction, a subsidiary CR - LLC "Effective thermal engineering". She last three years is among the companies involved in the modernization of the heat sources on the territory of the southern Urals. Because of her work in the Chelyabinsk region have already appeared 12 modern block-modular boiler-houses. Their total capacity of 14 MW.A new complex of thermal power plants in the village of South replaced the old boiler room. She has already worn out and threatened to leave without heating the bulk of the population. In addition, the old boiler house was built several decades ago for heating large working village and a number of production enterprises. She was too energy-consuming. In each heating season, the cost of maintaining a heavy burden on the district and regional budgets, bringing serious losses.New boiler house much less old. Despite this, built this year, the heat source will be doubly effective. It is equipped with the latest equipment of domestic and foreign production. The heat source will not only save the budget of the region, but will also make a more robust process of heat supply to people.A new boiler will serve up to 70% of the total housing stock of the village. The complex of thermal plants in early October 2014 provides heat to 700 apartments residents of the village South, seven of social objects. Among them - school, kindergarten, health center, library and culture house. In addition, the boiler heats 13 other categories of consumers.Last week the Director of "Effective heat" Roman Sereda in conjunction with the regional Director Andrew Kranovym selectively visited several apartments of the housing stock, heated commissioned by the object. People said that the heat comes to their apartment at the time. They believe that in the winter the temperature will be kept at the same level."In 2012 our company was built on the territory of the region 12 new boiler. In the village South is the most powerful and the largest number of consumers. They are mounted very high quality and are now working normally. I am sure that interruptions in her work also will not" - said Roman Sereda.While Director of "Effective thermal stresses: tariffs for heat supply to consumers will remain at the previous.

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