Sverdlovsk region is included in a number of pilot projects on the development of a comprehensive system "Safe city""

Sverdlovsk region is included in a number of pilot projects on the development of a comprehensive system Sverdlovsk region is included in a number of pilot projects on the development of a comprehensive system "Safe city". On the eve of the Chairman of the regional government of Denis Pasler took part in the work of the government Commission on the development system, which mode videolectures communication was conducted by the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin. According to the press-Secretary of the regional premiere of Elena Voronova."Today's meeting can be called a milestone: for the first time we come to the issue of the security environment every day on the basis of a systemic approach - hardware-software complex "Safe city". It should be noted that the Russian Federation and its subjects are investing serious resources in the creation of various information systems security. They are many of these systems, like mushrooms in the forest, but the whole picture we do not see. The lack of interaction of all these systems, essentially discredits this entire project. And does not solve the problem of preventing threats of natural and technogenic character. The purpose of the complex Safe city and is improving the General level of public safety and security environment", - said Dmitry Rogozin.It was noted that the order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the submission to him until the first of October, the concept of hardware-software complex "Safe city". And given the limited capabilities of the Federal budget, the concept should be taken into account opportunities for public-private partnership. Participation in activities should be beneficial to business. And before the first of December this year, you must provide the President criteria and indicators of efficiency of the complex.The meeting also heard reports on the status of implementation of the complex "Safe city" in the regions, which qualify for inclusion in the list of pilot projects of the Russian Federation. Among these subjects was and Sverdlovsk region. The report was presented by the Chairman of the government of the region Denis Pasler."Deploying hardware-software complex "Safe city" on the territory of Sverdlovsk region began in August 2007, since the determination of the city of Yekaterinburg summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. A key element of the complex are the municipality, at the level where collection and processing of information on the operational situation in the territory. To perform these functions in all municipalities in the region created a Single duty and dispatch services. In region 73" - told Pasler.He also reported that an important aspect of development is the introduction of video surveillance systems. On the territory of Sverdlovsk region in 36 municipalities installed and operated 43 CCTV system. It is more than 1 thousand cameras that are installed at key locations of the transport complex of Sverdlovsk region: railway stations, and the stations at the airport "Koltsovo", as well as at the stations of the Yekaterinburg metro. For the protection of public order during mass events in Ekaterinburg commissioned system altitude surveillance "EYE-1"."A separate area of our work together with the police structures within the complex is the "Safe city" - ensuring road safety through the introduction of systems photo-video-commit violations of traffic rules. Today in the Sverdlovsk region has 39 stationary systems photo-video recording of violations of traffic rules, operating in automatic mode," said regional Prime.Denis Pasler dwelled on the implementation of projects of public-private partnership, said that this year it is planned to install and put another 49 stationary systems photo-video recording in six large cities and on busy stretches of major highways at the expense of private investors.Following the meeting of the government Commission Deputy Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Rogozin instructed to prepare a proposal from the Commission to the Russian Government appointing responsible for the further implementation of the complex of "Safe city" the Ministry of emergency situations due to the fact that the Ministry of regional development, which oversaw the project stops working.

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