"FMS is transformed into an armed secret service""

The public spoke out strongly against the bills on migration On the social and cultural adaptation and integration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation" and "On immigration control in the Russian Federation", which intends to take the state Duma in the autumn session. According to experts, the adoption of these laws is the Federal migration service will turn from civilian agencies to the police, because now the FMS staff will have the right to bear arms and to conduct searches in the apartments only upon presentation of a certificate, the correspondent ."We are in the situation of metamorphosis, when civil office turns into an armed secret service, it never happened. So you can give permission for weapons and Rosobrnadzor, why not? Will the exam clearer to check the CPS will also arm, they check the quality of the food, and suddenly something is wrong there, the seller can immediately shoot", - commented on the new bills, the President of the Foundation "Migration XXI century" Vyacheslav Postavnin, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday.In fact, according to the draft law, the FMS will actually return in the Ministry of interior, besides the migration service will be engaged in internal migration of citizens of the Russian Federation, explained in turn a member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for civil society development and human rights Evgeny Bobrov."At the same time, as explained by the creators of bills, one of the main evaluation criteria of the official activities of the bodies of migration control is public opinion. In my opinion, this is a blatant populism, because the quality doesn't have public opinion and assessment of social tension in society, reducing intolerance between the local population and migrants, for nothing is done," said beavers.According to the Executive Director of the international non-profit organization "Tong Jahoni" Valentina Chupik, will not lead the bills to the integration of migrants."Hint antidiscrimination legislation in these bills no, on the contrary, the law on social and cultural adaptation and integration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation is discreditation. It contains a number of articles that separate foreign nationals from the Russian restrict migrants in their social rights, not allowing them to learn with others and to get help. If you created a separate instance, you had separated from the others, I know as a refugee," said Chupik, adding that the bill rather about the integration of migrants is aimed at wasting funds of the Federal budget".As for the draft law on migration control, now any employee of the FMS, presenting your papers, will be able to carry out a search in the apartment, said Chupik."Violated the privacy of the home, the FMS staff will have the right to walk into any room. They will be entitled to non-profit organizations to request data of foreign citizens. And I have to trafficking victims, and if I'm going to give their personal data, then these people may not be," said she."And this nonsense now propose to take" - outraged Copic.

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