Oleg Ostapenko: Sanctions were good for the space industry

Oleg Ostapenko: Sanctions were good for the space industryA year after the beginning of the reform of the space industry, the situation begins to improve. New control and management are already saving hundreds of millions of rubles, the timing for construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome begin to recover, and sanctions even beneficial for the industry.According to the head of Roscosmos Oleg Ostapenko, the main problems in the industry were related to technical equipment of enterprises, low level of organization and management and production culture. For the year managed to restructure the management system and to establish vertical control, but the lack of professional personnel remains a serious problem. Another innovation was the internal control service that performs the functions of monitoring the use of funds and establishment of competent work."For four months of its existence, the team verified the work of the Central office of Roscosmos and enterprises. Identified violations that were the basis for the transfer of materials to law enforcement agencies. They were initiated three criminal cases and returned 16 million rubles to the state budget. In addition, the service has prevented the illegal transfer of funds to commercial organizations in more than $ 700 million rubles Think that before the end of the year this figure will reach 1 billion rubles," - said in an interview to "Kommersant" Ostapenko.Quite active Roscosmos together with other agencies to develop targeted program until 2025, which aims to save space potential at the global level."When creating the program, we took into account the priorities of state policy. This guarantee Russia's access to space from its territory, the development and use of space technology, technologies, and services for socio-economic sphere, national defense, and the development of rocket and space industry and the implementation of international commitments. Planned launches of unmanned spacecraft to the moon, Mars, Jupiter and other celestial bodies of the Solar system, as well as the launches of manned vehicles to the moon" - lists the head of Roscosmos.In addition, under a new program it is planned to complete construction of the ISS Russian segment, the development of advanced manned orbital infrastructure, including the deployment works for manned new-generation spacecraft for missions to the moon, creating a lunar landing complex, interorbital tugs, while also preparing to deploy elements of a lunar space station and a lunar base. In the same period will be provided for the construction and operation of spaceport Vostochny space launch complexes for light, medium and heavy classes. Will be the main scope of works on creation of space rocket complex with booster super-heavy class. Prepared and a separate program for exploration of deep space.The head of the space Agency announced the December launch of the heavy variant of the rocket "Angara", which term is intended to replace the proton M".Speaking of space "construction of the century" - the cosmodrome " East, Oleg Ostapenko has recognized that there is a delay, but they are due to confusion at the initial stage - now the situation is gradually improving."Yes, indeed, at the Baikonur there is a significant backlog in construction, leading to delayed installation already made technological equipment and its subsequent tests as the ultimate goal of the first stage. We do everything necessary to help the builders to eliminate the backlog. With financial security which is the case in organizational component. Lack of specialized professionals, and builders as such. For the construction of the spaceport, according to our calculations, required about 15 thousand employees. Today, according to the Spetsstroy, on-site work not more than 6,5 thousand people", - said the official.With regard to Western sanctions that have been imposed on Russia a few months ago, they, in many respects, even went to benefit the space industry."In accordance with the decisions, the Federal space Agency in cooperation with other ministries and agencies for several years implements a planned complex of measures on import substitution. The imposition of sanctions has accelerated this work. In General, it can be noted the favourable impact of sanctions on the oil industry: faster embarked on the implementation of measures to reduce the range of materials and components, alignment, implementation of new technical solutions. Faster will decrease the range of final products with the transition to new, more modern and efficient designs. In the end, this will not only ensure independence from foreign suppliers, but also increase product reliability while reducing cost.

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