Today's "Special correspondent" on "Russia 1" will be devoted to the war in Novorossia

Today's Today on "Russia 1" will be the new transfer from the cycle "Special correspondent". The plot is devoted to the events in the Donbass, in this transmission came in and documentary essay Konstantin Semin made on the results of his personal visit to Luhansk national Republic, correspondent .Promotional trailer with the announcement of the evening transfer lists the main topics that will be discussed: the poles with Maidan returned home and became a problem for local authorities, representatives of totalitarian sects are fighting in the South-East by the junta. On the other hand Luhansk and Donetsk national Republic, which are built virtually from scratch, a lot of plants totally destroyed or in need of major repair.Will be included in the transfer and a short film, based on the results of the trip Konstantin Semin with the writer Zakhar Prilepin on luandino at the end of October, where they went with a cargo of humanitarian aid."I have no desire to see the war, to jump on the barricades or trenches. I more wanted to hear the stories of ordinary people, and this task I performed. The mood of people mixed. On the one hand, this and elated at the same time, this mixed anxiety - what will happen to the people's Republic of how the situation will develop. There's a lot of problems, starting from constantly hanging over the city, the threat of foreign invasion, the occurrence of Ukrainian troops and ending communal challenges that are still unable to overcome, and it is not clear whether it will be possible," said Semin on the results of the trip in an interview .In the documentary essay Semin - mass "simple landscapes of Lugansk region" - the ruins, destroyed by the shelling of the city and the fields in which you cannot go without fear to explode a mine. The inhabitants of towns, young officials, militias talk about what is happening in the last few months on this site, besides, the film includes a short interview musician Alexander F..

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