In Barrow, picket against the abolition of the train Chelyabinsk

In Barrow, picket against the abolition of the train ChelyabinskIn Barrow, picket against cancellation from the 14th of January this year, train to Chelyabinsk. Kurgan demanded the return of the train, and also stated the need to establish control over the formation of fares and the laying on of the Federal centre duties to subsidize rail transport correspondent .To reach the capital of the southern Urals, you don can now only by car or by bus. But the road between the two cities is considered unsafe. Accident on the highway "Irtysh" happen every day. And more often fatal. Here is this week, January 16, Mishkinskoye district Kurgan region in the accident came just three cars. As a result four people were killed and two were injured. Among other things, to use the bus less comfortable than rail transport: bus 4 hours and 45 minutes, while the train is 3 hours 5 minutes.Picket against the abolition of the train was not far from Ureki railway station, opposite the gymnasium в„–47. Move closer to the Kurgan was not allowed in the city administration.Come to the picket residents in conversation with the correspondent noted that the train demand: sometimes there were not enough tickets and purchase them accounted for a few days."Say not popular, but it is not true in the output train was always full. Even in ordinary days, too, " cried they.The management of Railways opinion of people do not share. According to them the train was unprofitable. "The losses of JSC "FPC" from specified operating trains for 2013 amounted to more than 17 million rubles while occupancy (occupancy) passenger car just by 40.9%," - said the press service of the South-Ural railway.As explained in the office, on the basis of these calculations it was decided to cancel train No. 809/810 message mound-Chelyabinsk. Also in the terminal said that was offered by the regional government to subsidize the running of trains, but was refused.Note that in the law there are limitations on authority of subjects of the Russian Federation in the execution of the expenditure obligations. So, to allocate funds to cover the shortfall in income to the carrier, the government may, in the framework of the regional commuter trains, and the train Kurgan-Chelyabinsk is a long message. In addition, the regional budget 2014 adopted with extreme deficit of 3.9 billion rubles In compensation for commuter transportation planned to allocate Sverdlovsk suburban company about 50 million rublesGiven that it is unlikely that the picket would have any effect on the position of Russian Railways, the organizers of the rally are going to ask the state Duma."Our goal is to attract the attention of not only the management of Railways, but also the leadership of the country, because it has to be a political solution. Regions cannot compensate for trains and trains, not all areas that have the means. Meanwhile, government money, and Russian Railways is a state - owned company, they are sponsored by various clubs (club "Lokomotiv", for example) carry out various activities, games, and other. We draw attention to the fact that our security is a big question," said the coordinator of the Kurgan regional branch of the liberal democratic party of Russia Yury Alexandrov, adding that funded the loss to the railroad from the Federal budget.According to Alexandrov, such pickets party is going to spend across the country, so to.

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