Cross "soldiers" of the UPA blew up in Kharkov

Cross In the Youth Park in Kharkiv Tuesday night unknown persons blew up a memorial cross to the so-called soldiers of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA) - that is, the accomplices of the Nazis in the great Patriotic war."Initiated criminal proceedings with the preliminary qualification of "intentional damage of property by fire, explosion, or other publicly dangerous method" (including 2 tbsp. 194 of the criminal code of Ukraine)," - said the press service of the Kharkiv regional Prosecutor's office.According to the Agency, worked unidentified explosive device. The explosion caused no injuries. Damaged a memorial cross.As reported in social networks, the explosion sounded about an hour of the night, he was heard in different parts of the city. The message about the explosion entered the police at half-past four in the morning.Earlier on cross standing stone UPA, worshipped by the local Bandera. The stone was set in the early 90s, he was regularly doused with paint or fecal masses, writes emelamud. "Once the stone was buried, having close to with the help of an excavator. Dobkin, as mayor of Kharkiv, offered Ivano-Frankivsk to exchange the stone on the local monument to Lenin. However, in Ivano-Frankivsk refused", - informs the user.April 26, 2013 the stone was finally gone, in its place put a cross instead of instead of missing decals there hung her (!) photocopy.

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