The man in the Chelyabinsk region, was sentenced to 19 years for killing ex-wife and her lover

The man in the Chelyabinsk region, was sentenced to 19 years for killing ex-wife and her loverThe Chelyabinsk regional court sentenced to 19 years imprisonment 42-year-old Vladimir Mironov, who out of jealousy killed his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. The man was caught loving couple in the apartment when we arrived to check ex-wife. According to the court, the case was considered with the participation of a jury, which rendered a guilty verdict.Mironov divorced with his wife back in 2011, but was constantly trying to get her back. The couple had a joint child. After divorce, the woman went to live with her mother, but her ex-husband persuaded her to live together, which they rented an apartment in the village of Pervomaiskoye. Attempted reconciliation failed and the couple again parted, agreeing to temporarily use the apartment on the queue.The crime occurred in the night of October 22, 2013 in the village of Pervomaiskoye. On the eve of the ex-wife Mironov called him to see whether he is going to use the apartment. Mironov at the time was in Chelyabinsk, together with a new passion. According to the defendant, he replied that perhaps will come, because she is not feeling well. Then, having decided to check ex-wife, in the evening he went to the apartment and opened the door with his key, caught wife with a man."Because of jealousy he had committed the murder of ex-wife and her friend, causing them multiple stab wounds," he said in court.Previously Mironov was convicted of attempted murder. Assigned to a sentence of 19 years of imprisonment in a colony of special regime.

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