Naryshkin: Perpetrators of mass killings under the Donetsk - "Tribunal""

Naryshkin: Perpetrators of mass killings under the Donetsk - Russia calls for an international Tribunal for crimes in Ukraine, reports TASS.Speaking at the autumn session of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly, the Chairman of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin said: "We demand the international Tribunal for those involved in these crimes against humanity". He stressed that the investigation on a number of tragic situations in Ukraine "deliberately impeded". "Do so shall it be with the investigation group of graves?! Under the Donetsk in the territories, until recently controlled by the Kyiv found many brutally tortured and murdered people. And found new secret grave," said Naryshkin.In his opinion, the Kyiv authorities make it clear in advance that the Minsk agreement for non-essential and can be easily broken". Also, the head of the Russian state Duma hopes to conduct substantive negotiations on the constitutional system of Ukraine, taking into account the interests of all its regions and citizens after achieving sustainable ceasefire.All contradictions can only be resolved through open dialogue, said the speaker of the lower house.

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