The students protest PHFA will be a "Wake-up call" for the Governor of the outsider.

The students protest PHFA will be a Looming in Perm protest of students and faculty of the Perm state pharmaceutical Academy (PLLA), defending the independence of the University, may adversely affect the already poor rating of the Governor Victor Basargin, the correspondent .According to the Director of the Center for political studies University of Finance Paul Salina, at the recent meeting in Moscow Vice-governors on internal politics have been instructed to carry out socially unpopular reforms without mass protests. The case of PLLA at risk of becoming part of the Perm state medical University, just like that. And the protest is going to be massive."I think that some signal for Basargin will follow, though it is not a fact that this will automatically lead to dismissal. Most likely, the Kremlin will observe how the Governor will try this to neutralize the situation. But in principle, the call is unpleasant," said Pavel Salin correspondent .However, the analyst noted that based on the experience of similar protests in our country, the chances Perm students are small."The question [for Governor] is not liquidate the Academy or not, and what the public outcry it would cause. Because, say, the reduction of teachers through the strengthening of universities is the way in which many people go in Moscow and in the regions. The task before the government is, on the one hand, to reduce the number of teachers, and on the other that it has not caused a wide public resonance. In this case, this resonance causes, but the question is, what would happen to the situation. Earlier, when the universities in Moscow became stronger, had written the letter, but it did not lead", - concluded the saline.Recall, about a thousand students PGFA signed a petition to the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova. Copies of the document with the request to prevent the elimination of pharmaceutical Academy aims to President Vladimir Putin, the Governor of Perm Victor Basargin and the regional Minister of health Anastasia Cruceni.In turn, the leadership Academy official information about the impending destruction of the University does not own.Note that Viktor Basargin firmly rooted in the outsiders of rating the efficiency of governors. According to the results of the last research Chapter of the Kama region received the Troika, it summed up the low popularity in the region.

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