"Ermak" came to Ekaterinburg with "Real Tagil""

Special Nizhny Tagil project channel "Ermak" begins regular broadcasting in the regional center. Partner Real Tagil" became a channel SHOUT-TV.Last year on "the Scream" was the only news program "Day" is the news of the Ural district, which was broadcast in Yekaterinburg in the program "Regional television and cable "Scream TV.Now the "Real Tagil" will be broadcast in Yekaterinburg, correspondent .This means that the potential audience of the TV channel "Real Tagil, which has become a phenomenon on TV-glade Nizhny Tagil, will grow."SCREAM TV is included in the packet cable operators: MTS, CJSC Teleset-Service", CJSC "Ural-TransTeleCom", "INSIS", "TM planet", JSC "Digital TV" (outdoor digital ether - 11 button), JSC "Rostelecom" ("Account", "Your TV", "stream TV", "K-Telecom", "AKADO".The "Shout "Real Tagil" will be released at 21:00 repeat in the morning at 8:00.The authors of "Real Tagil" believe in Yekaterinburg great "Tagil Diaspora" - the people who are still interested in everything what lives hometown. Therefore, there is a sense of release in Yekaterinburg, albeit on the cable channel.In the "Real Tagil" the authors promise something new - the ability for any Tagiloni become the author of the plot, similar to used to "LifeNews". You can make a video about city events on a mobile phone and if the story will appeal to edition, it will be aired. As sponsors of the "Real Tagil" promises another and monetary compensation is the addition of mobile phone 300 rubles.

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