Christmas ice town will cost the budget of Perm 28 million rubles

Christmas ice town will cost the budget of Perm 28 million rublesPerm "Agency of social and cultural projects" announced tender for construction of new year's campus in the capital city of Perm. For the construction of Letter-hail the administration is prepared to allocate 25 million rubles, another 2 million rubles will be spent on icicles to eat, correspondent .Ice town Letter-grad dedicated to the book and book culture, as the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin 2015 in Russia declared the Year of literature, as stated in the technical specifications. The contract value for 25.9 million rubles, the amount includes the device, maintenance and dismantling of the ice town after the holidays.It is planned to build several hills of ice: "Ice house", "loudly", "Sevastopol stories", "Andromeda", "Circus", "Silver Meridian and complex slides "encyclopedia", the highest rays - 3 m In the project materials contain the input group Letter-grad - "Alice in Wonderland": the three arches, two staircases and an observation deck. In the center of the observation deck is ice design, depicting king canopy.The side arches are in the Bay Windows, and balconies Bay Windows adorn masks, masks depicting the Cheshire cat and the March hare - the fairy tale characters. Above the Central arch is the cartouche, in which is inscribed the name of the ice town - Letter-grad, is described in the TOR.Also in the project: ice maze, trap 20 000 leagues under the sea" and small architectural forms ice in the form of letters of the Russian alphabet. The winner will be engaged in the electrification of the town and its restoration in case of damage.A second contract for 2 million rubles will be concluded for the decoration of Christmas trees on the Esplanade. In this amount the customer evaluates garland electric Chameleon and light garlands "Melting icicles" with the effect of running droplets with a volume of 350 pieces.

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