In the state Duma addressed after the brutal murder of Olga ledovskoy: "Came to power and had signed his own death sentence""

In the state Duma addressed after the brutal murder of Olga ledovskoy: The Deputy Chairman of the Russian party of pensioners for justice", the state Duma Deputy Igor Zotov on behalf of the party made an official appeal in connection with the brutal murder of 81-year-old pensioner Olga ledovskoy in Yekaterinburg. "Retired" once again reminded of the need to recognize an aggravating circumstance the fact that crimes are committed against the most vulnerable categories of the population: pensioners, disabled people, women and children. In addition, stated that the responsibility should be borne by the perpetrators of this violent crime, and of giving to the cause of political hue even we can not go, correspondent ."Murder in itself is unacceptable, unacceptable, and no justification for an act of Supreme disregard for the value of human life, and the person who committed, has no right to remain in the community and be a full member. Murder, committed against the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society, primarily children, women, pensioners, disabled people, should be treated with even more rigid positions," the statement says.According to "pensioners", involvement in such crimes authorities irreparable damage to public trust in the authorities."The case of Olga ledovskoy showed that having the support of the public authority, person, without knowing it, had signed his own sentence, once in the hands of a criminal," the document says.The appeal stresses the need to conduct the most thorough investigation of all circumstances of the case, including the reasons why the member of the city Council Oleg Cinema, and it is the main accused in this criminal case, to take this step. Furthermore, it should be identified the full range involved in this punishment, but the punishment should be inevitable for everyone, regardless of social status."All attempts by interested parties to withdraw guilty beyond a criminal case, unreasonably change their status within the business, as well as to reduce the degree of responsibility of each of them should fundamentally be suppressed. In addition, we consider it impossible and inadmissible giving any political context of purely criminal offense," the statement reads."In principle we believe it is unacceptable that public authorities may in some way to threaten citizens who are good do not violate any law. In our situation turned out that the treatment of the citizen ledovskoy in the public authorities, such as city Council, representatives of public authorities, in fact, led to her death. This is an outrageous situation. In this context, the Party of pensioners" thus reacted," he said in an interview with the correspondent member of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, the representative RPS Eugene Artyukh.According to the MP, he fully shares the position of the party responsible for such crimes should be strengthened, and that the victims are vulnerable categories of citizens, should be considered as an aggravating circumstance."The government should be open and transparent, not in the sense that its representatives attend press conferences, give interviews, and so forth. It should be open from the point of view of civil control, completely transparent. Today, the element of this openness is introduced to us in the Legislative Assembly: any treatment when they apply to us citizens, we must register in the electronic system - taking, with what has come man, what a statement that I made on him as a member. This allows you to establish civilian control over the activities of the deputies," said Artyukh.According to the people's choice, this is the most important in the context of talk about e-Government.In addition, the Ural parliamentarians have and suggestions on improving the system of social protection of the most vulnerable categories of citizens. Example, do you need to take Moscow."For our area we could improve the program "the Older generation. The same Luzhkov in Moscow at one time actually created a state-owned enterprise, i.e. the regional level, where these apartments became the property of the subjects of the Federation, but the Federation subject makes the calculations. I.e. actually pensioner enters into relations with the state, and not with unsavory individuals. The state could do the calculations to implement it as a program with the involvement of social security and social policy. It is necessary to improve the mechanism of social protection of such category of people", - summed up the people's choice.Recall that a criminal case on the murder of a pensioner Olga ledovskoy was initiated on 3 July. Charged with crimes against the Deputy of the city Duma, friend and colleague Oleg Roizman Cinelu, and his two accomplices - the accomplice and the killer. The dismembered body of a pensioner was found on July 20, 64 km Serov tract in a swampy area near the city of Novouralsk. Defendants have already confessed. Currently, all three preventive measure in the form of detention.In addition, as previously reported, Kinew on questioning "spoke" and told many interesting things about the relationship with Eugene). In particular, he said that the offense pushed its large debts to the mayor of Yekaterinburg. According to Cinema, he bought Roizman parliamentary mandate for 5 million rubles, but to pay them immediately failed, so the mayor has set it on the counter. In addition, according to the MP, the mayor advised him to deal with the estate of the pensioner to pay the debt.

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