The Ministry of Finance has amended the 2014 budget: savings to investment the money will give RZD

The Ministry of Finance has amended the 2014 budget: savings to investment the money will give RZDBecame known, offered by the Ministry of Finance of the government of editing options, budget for 2014, according to the amendments to the Budget code adjustments will be made not by Parliament, but by government decree.The main component of reducing costs is a rather non-transparent spending of the Ministry of Finance 45.5 billion rubles, of which the most obvious source of savings 12 billion rubles: it saves on the interest of novelicious debt, which implies that a large part of ruble dopdohodov the Ministry of Finance proposes simply to reduce the budget deficit in 2014 (most likely, it again will result in surplus, despite a planned deficit in the beginning of the year). of 42.8 billion rubles will save the Ministry of industry and trade, of which 30 billion rubles - unclaimed subsidies to the automotive industry. 12.6 billion rubles not invest in its facilities in 2014, Roscosmos, 11.6 billion rubles - the Federal Agency of air transport, RUB 5.6bn - FMBA. Almost all other spending, not excluding even the Hermitage, will also reduce costs - but on a much less chuvstvitelnye amount.A significant (about 30 billion rubles) portion of reduced costs anticipated to spend for secret and top secret articles - but new expenditure proposals of the Ministry of Finance mainly nesecity. This $ 37.8 billion rubles expenditure of the Ministry of industry and trade (of which 20 billion rubles will be spent to Fund the development industry), RUB 30 billion recapitalization of VEB and 5 billion rubles - Rosselkhozbank, 34 billion rubles in additional subsidies and increase RZD, 20 billion rubles of subsidies to the regions to subsidize interest rates on agricultural loans. While the Finance Ministry also proposes to reallocate a number of spending agencies in 2014 (we are basically talking about the Ministry of defence) with rising costs 39 billion rubles, including due to the growth of military procurement 26 billion rublesIn any case, of the proposals of the Ministry of Finance should: the White house does not intend at all to consider the idea of increasing, at least in part, government spending due to rising inflation in the second half of 2014 and the rising cost of imported components in public procurement. The ruble dopdohody will be, as expected, the anti-crisis reserve the White house in the first half of 2015.

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