Summary of the civil war: the Ukraine coming to an end, and Nicaragua (!) strikes on American monopoly

Summary of the civil war: the Ukraine coming to an end, and Nicaragua (!) strikes on American monopolyOn strange feast hangover in Kharkiv. The city was originally antimiani, but the consequences of jumping in Kiev stronger impact in it. Due to the lack of gas and exceeding the limits of power, the authorities are forcing workers to stand up to the machine at night and on Sunday and then freeze in a cold unheated shops.In early December, the Ministry of energy of Ukraine demanded from Kharkiv enterprises urgently to reduce the power consumption from 5 to 9 PM on 15%. Not to be left without light at all, the enterprises of the city had to seriously alter the schedule. Employees have to work in the third shift at night. Acting Deputy Chairman of regional state administration Eugene Sakhnenko reported that 15 of Kharkiv enterprises have responded to the call to save and organized the work in the night shift.Even industrial giants, such as "Electrotyazhmash", hams and Kharkiv armored repair factory rebuilt schedules. And HTZ so just swapped weekends and weekdays. And this is not the worst option, Kharkov aviation plant, for example, is actually buried. Not to save, because of the acute shortage of gas and orders. Closed two-thirds of all production halls, workshops are not heated.By the way, this year in Kharkiv oblast in connection with the reorganization or liquidation of companies under reductions were 13 thousand workers, said the Director obltsentra employment Vladimir Minenko. Moreover, it is only those who know the employment center and only abbreviated by law.Bandar-logs - anyone can read Kipling monkey. And place them in the forest or zoo. In cities from them is a continuous problem. The rag in the bowl to go down, scoring the sewer system, directly in the city center on the street will Nahalat... Banderlog from Bundesstadt (as they call themselves lions) from their Indian relatives, in this sense, are no different. Similarly shitting, where necessary, break, reach out and everyone is trying to be bitten into. On destructiveness "Ukrainian racial correct Europeans" Indian noticeably superior. Can survive the loss of tails?And it's not malicious slander and malice, but banal objective reality. Especially dangerous elite instances of the herd, who managed to reach the monkey dreams - guns and grenades. In Slavyansk banderlog nacharbeit defeated and looted private hotel local entrepreneur. Unfortunately for the entrepreneur within close proximity to one of the stud on the Ukrainian post summer dwelt.In full compliance with the monkey habits, ruined every corner of the hotel, befoul her room and took from her everything that was not nailed. What was nailed, for example, sockets and full conductive, peeled back and still pulled. Story about this was aired on the TV channel "Donbass".On drunk nacharbeit had fun killing innocent animals, whose bodies were left lying in the room. Toilets banderlog not used in principle.Police Slavyansk started the investigation into the looting of, however, the punishment of the guilty, and if will carry, not for plunder, but for... "arbitrariness". But the Ministry of defense of Ukraine prudent classified information about the unit, which was on guard duty at the ill-starred hotels.Because of the events around Ukraine and jumps ruble unfairly dropped from the center of people's attention to an important event. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega should decide to begin work on construction of marokanskiego channel in this Central American country. The ceremony of launch support activities will be held simultaneously in the capital Managua and Rivas in the South.I'll start with the construction of the port Brito and highway, which connects the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea, informed the representative of the Commission, responsible for the development of the project channel. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of 50 billion dollars, the main investor is a Chinese company HKND, said Mexican portal El Financiero. The length of the channel will be nearly 280 km, the depth is about 27 meters, the width will vary within 226-530 meters. In the network flashed messages that participate in the project and Russia.New channel from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean is being built as an alternative to the existing Panama canal, located at a distance of 600 kilometers. It is assumed that the path from the ocean into the ocean will take about 30 hours.This is a heavy blow to the American monopoly.To watch this video in higher resolutionWith potaskuhi stand is not accepted. Especially with cheap. Although the Ukrainian journalists try to fully develop their thirty pieces of silver, treat them as prostitutes. In the village of Sands that under Donetsk, commander of the 93rd brigade, Colonel, Oleg Micaz threatened journalists shot, cried the journalist of TV channel "inter" Benjamin Trubachev."Today for the first time in my life was frankly ashamed of Ukrainian soldier. The commander of the 93rd brigade Oleg Micaz publicly threatened me and my colleague from the foreign media with physical violence. When there are dozens of witnesses, he said that if you see us (this applies to all journalists in the village of Sands - personally shot," the crying almost uncontrollably Trubachev.Wangwu that in connection with the imminent end of the world in a single Ruin of a significant part of the second oldest profession both sexes will be forced to go on the panel in the truest sense of the word. Simply because after the defeat of the junta in the best case, will not take the job. And many simply put, as she Stanko, offering "time..

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