"All we need, we will build only for yourself. The government will take the elaborated programme of the state defense order with regard to import substitution

The program of import substitution in the field of military-industrial complex will be reflected in the adjustment patterns of the state defense order and formation program for the construction of ships and marine equipment, reported by the relevant Vice-Premier of the Russian Government Dmitry Rogozin, correspondent .According to the Vice Premier, now comes the hard work on the formation of a consolidated order for shipyards, which should load them stable operation for years to come."The marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation will generate up to March 2015 consolidated long-term order Russian shipbuilders for the construction of ships and marine technology for offshore fields development, the organization of passenger transportation, scientific research, exploration history and development of fisheries, aligning it with a load of shipbuilding enterprises of the defense procurement in the framework of the implementation of the new state armament Programme to 2016-25, Thus, the Russian shipbuilders will finally be able to calculate the plan's boot sector, modernization and creation of new shipyards. All that we need, we will build only at ourselves," Rogozin wrote on the page in Facebook.In addition, in December be approved adjusted the state with regard to processes of import substitution and de-bureaucratization."Board of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation at the present meeting reviewed and endorsed the parameters thus 2015-17 years and endorsed proposals for de-bureaucratization of procedures to make it more accurate in the import substitution products of NATO countries and Ukraine. 25 December, the Russian Government approves the state at its meeting. Taking into account the planned growth and complexity of the state defense order control over its execution by the Board MIC next year will be tougher," said Rogozin.Recall that the subject of the state defense order raised yesterday, in her address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin. He drew attention to the fact that theft in fulfillment of orders for defense are quite large, resulting in product prices increase significantly, and in some order.

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