Five pancake with caviar will eat the inhabitants of Kamensk-Uralsky

Five pancake with caviar will eat the inhabitants of Kamensk-UralskyThe main carnival treats in Kamensk-Uralsky will be a five-meter pancake with caviar. However, not with sturgeon, and protein. As reported in the press service of the exhibition center "Inexpo", the pancake will cook on a giant grill directly in front of witnesses, and when ready will give each piece to test.The present Shrovetide festivities will be held this Saturday at the Cathedral square in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky. Here and carnival burn will be, and the rope drag, and folk songs to sing. Also, according to Russian traditions, on the area of organizing the fair. The representatives of peasant farmers citizens will be able to purchase a home meat, fresh fish, dried fruits, honey, and artisans everyone will be able to buy down products and knitwear. But the main event of the holiday fair will be eating a huge pancake with caviar."Maslenitsa meals will be prepared outdoors. To do this, we will install five-grill", - says the Director of the exhibition center "Inexpo" Alexander Khudyakov, who acted as the organizer of the fair. "The dishes will include over a hundred pancakes standard size, 10 pounds of potatoes and half a kilogram of caviar. No one will be hungry", he added. According to the idea of the potato cooks will prepare puree, and use it as the main filling. But the eggs will be useful for the decoration of dishes.Once the dish is ready, citizens will be invited to a tasting. The meal will begin at 14.00.

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